If my Pebble works now will it continue to work after June


I just bought two new Pebble Times to replace a broken one. The one I set up works fine with my iPhone 6s and latest iOS OS. Will it continue to work after June? Forever?

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Depends on what you mean by ‘work’.

It’ll tell the time, connect to your phone and do some of the stuff it currently does. It will also lose a lot of functionality.


Is there a list of the functions that will continue working and the functions that will cease? You know, something structured, orderly, professional?



I doubt it.


The last Pebble Developers blog entry is here, and has some technical details of what will fail:


And this Reddit post seems to have a shorter list that is easier to read:

You will definitely lose voice dictation and weather results in July. The app store will disappear, so you want to backup your Pebble apps now so you can reinstall them if you need to. Lots of paid apps (eg purchased through KiezelPay) could stop working, etc. It looks like iOS devices will be harder hit than Android, because Pebble used various web services to get around the iOS limitations (eg Android might still have SMS replies, but iOS SMS replies were sent via a service).

It looks like time, step count & sleep tracking should keep working though, for example.

The Rebble project is hoping to make a workable replacement for the Pebble web services (especially Voice dictation & weather, in return for a small monthly fee) to keep Pebbles alive after July, but it might be something only technical-geeks can do, it might be tricky to change the settings over.


[Oh, and to download your Pebble apps from the App Store, browse the App Store on your computer with dev settings enabled via this link: https://apps.getpebble.com/en_US/watchfaces?dev_settings=true At the bottom of each app page you’ll then see a “Download PBW” link, that is the Pebble file for that app.]