iOS 11 & Pebble app - Works so far


So I updated to iOS 11 this morning and the Pebble app seems to be working fine. I get phone and message notifications no problem.



For me the iOS 11 not Work to my pebble, not notification, not call


What pebble model and iPhone??


I have pebble 2 and iPhone 6s. Problems with the latest betas before GM. Notification stopped


Pebble Model? And which IPhone model??


My iPhone is 6s the pebble Time stell


Watch model? Phone model?


iPhone 7 and Pebble 2 HR


Iphone 5SE and Pebble Time Steel : no problem.


A lot of these “issues” are because people haven’t rebooted their phone and watch since updating. Just reboot everything and everything will work just as it has in iOS 10.


IoS11 and Pebble Time Steel. Looking good. Except I do not get notifications from Whatsapp.


hi all

my pebble time has stopped receiving notifications completely since IOS 11 upgrade on my iphone 7 Plus. I have factory reset the watch, reconnected, rebooted to no avail? Is anyone else having issues?


I had the same problem: loss of notifications, weather, notification of phone calls until the watch rebooted(by itself, fir some reason) and then everything worked perfectly-and still does on my Pebble Time


I have the 8+ on iOS 11 and Bluetooth LE won’t connect no matter what I do. :disappointed:


Dudeeeee, you’re a lifesaver!! Such a simple thing to do and yet it never crossed my mind. Rebooted the watch and now Bluetooth LE paired and works perfect. (iPhone 8+ iOS 11)


Hi there, upgraded my iphone 6s yesterdag with pebble time steel.
first removed watch from my iphone in pebbel app. Forgot BT connections. Shutdown of watch and paired things from scratch. Almost everything worked at once.
Had problems with music interface, after soft reset of iphone also this one works now. Almost all my pebble apps still work.
Only have problems with MapsGPS for Pebble. Screen won’t refresh on my PTS. Also get message to start with directions on iphone app. Did it but this one looks cracked with the upgrade to ios 11.
Conclusion >99% still works.


Dictation is not available


MapsGPS don’t work with iOS 11.0.2


Oct 19 2017 When iOS 11 first came out my pebble watch would not connect to my apple 6S, on updates to the iOS 11 a connection was made but only lasted for a short time. I am now on update 03 and the connection is quite solid, however it only last for a day or so. I can’t reconnect via the pebble app although it says it is trying. I have found that rebooting the apple phone, holding the power and home buttons down until the apple symbol appears and allowing the phone to reboot the Bluetooth connection reappeared by itself. The trouble is not with the app or the watch but is an internal Bluetooth connection in the 6S iOS apple phone and rebooting the phone seems to fix this. It only lasts for a day or so but the reboot of the phone reestablishs the connection by itself


I have an issue with my iphone SE and time round which means that whilst i still get calls, texts and notifications it says that i ahve not got a blutooth connection and i cannot sync weather, change watch faces or my steps data with my phone. I hvae reset phone and watch and reconnected several times but lasts for a day max before dropping out again. am now trying the reset of my phone to see if that helps it and monitor it that way. perhaps just turn off phone everynight and then watch works during the day??