Is there a customer service phone number


I am getting really annoyed to try to solve my problems in a discussion group with other people that are having the same issue(s). It just seems like everyone is complaining but nothing is getting solved. Anyone know if there is a customer service phone number available. And before some moderator decides that this topic is already open and just closes it, I searched for “customer service phone number” and nothing came up (if I could waste more time and add an image to prove it I would). so here I am and believe me, I would rather talk to a live person then sit here and chat. Please help!


No, there is no customer services number.

To contact customer services you will have to do it by email, and there is a delay as they are sorting out the issues of everyone else who has emailed them as well.

The other alternative is to join those other topics (I see you have posted there, good) and wait to see if anyone can come up with a suggestion.

Your other topics were closed because by just typing in the actual message shown on your iphone screen I was able to find the topic covering it.


Thanks Caffiene Junkie,

I am new to this whole forum chatting online thing. I prefer to talk to actual people rather then chat. When I typed my message in the search box, I typed it as it was shown on my screen “pebble NEEDS to communicate with the Pebble…” and nothing had come up. But when I typed in what you had written " Pebble would like to communicate with…" more things popped up. We both used different phrases and yours worked. I am fine with the other topics being closed, But I would like to have added why my search didnt work. I am learning thou :slight_smile:


It might have felt like I was picking on you jumping on your posts like that, but often it's better to act quickly before posts start getting added to. It can fragment the discussion, replicates information, and fills up the forums with duplicate threads.

I can understand that talking to someone is easier, but the Pebble staff could not realistically answer telephone support calls, not while people have been waiting quite some time for email support.

Ultimately though phoning telephone support wouldn't resolve your issue. All you can do is follow the guidance of other forum members and await a software fix from Pebble to the iOS Pebble app.


yup seems like a lot off pissed off upset people here in the forums. All ranting and no solutions - oh well, apparently I have no other choice but to wait. Seems like a lot of people are having issues with this watch if they are that backed up with emails. Thanks thou!


It would be much better to contact them by phone to follow up with than email. I haven’t got a reply yet and it is frustrating. They should have a phone number like most places do.


Their # is +1.8882245820, goes to their building in Palo Alto. Please bombard them until they answer your issues.


phone number nolonger works