January 1, 2018 Notifications, canned text, & watch face weather still working!


I’m not sure when Fitbit will end all support services for Pebbles, but as of today (January 01, 2018), mine still receives notifications, can send canned text (and emojis), and weather part of Aspire Watch Face still works.

Dictation/Voice apps like Snowy and Voice Text worked briefly a few weeks ago, but have not worked for me since.

Also built-in Pebble weather still works.

Maybe Fitbit has not yet shut down whatever is left of Pebble servers? I’m also wondering if they will shut down this forum. :disappointed_relieved:

But it is my hope that Pebble is no longer dependent on Pebble servers of any sort. I guess time will tell.


I am interested in buying a used Pebble Time.
But I’m not sure if I will be able to register the new Pebble on my smartphone.
Any experience or information? Will this be possible or will it make trouble?

Thanks a lot!


If I read this page right, you can skip registration (and login?), but will have to sideload apps:

Excerpt from PupDate:

“If Pebble’s authentication servers can’t be reached, users can skip the login process, but the Pebble appstore will not be available. Apps can only be installed via side-loading if this occurs.”



Snowy voice recognition still works for me, as of January 3. I’m using a Pebble Time Steel and a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android 7.0.


I believe the culprit is IOS 11. I wish I had stayed with 10.3.3. My PTS worked perfectly until updating to IOS 11. (Now at 11.2.1)

After finding out that Apple has deliberately slowed phones with their updates, (which prompted many to get a newer faster phone) I’m not so sure Apple does not also mess with non-Apple smartwatch compatibility to make Apple Watches seem like the only reliable smartwatch.


My understanding is that, unless the feature in question requires the server that has been shut down (ie Pebble weather) then it should work as normal even once FitBit shut the server down. For example, notifications from the watch regarding calls, SMS or WhatsApp (my primary reason for needing a smart watch) should always work regardless, providing the OS on the phone allows and supports the Pebble application. It’s that where the issues could and probably will arise. For example, I’m deliberately keeping my S7 Edge on Marshmallow, but for people who buy new phones containing Oreo and beyond, will compatibility with the Pebble application still be there given that it’s no longer under development? It might install for example but communication with the phone’s notification system be broken. I believe there are already problems with IOS 11.

Either way, there are enough people who own Pebbles to keep the community going, I would imagine at the very least basic notification from the phone will always be available somehow, even if you have to go down the GadgetBridge option (on Android at least). And speaking for myself, that’s primarily what I need from my two pebbles. The only app I have installed is Battery+, something else I can’t imagine will require a server connection.


I cannot use my Pepple with my iPhone either. I suspect the same thing.


I just bought a pebble time, notifications are working properly, sames as dial, but dictation and snowy are not working at all, is there any solution?
also SMS shows “failed” but it does send it but after like 15 min.


I updated to IOS 11.2.2 two days ago, and dictation, voice notes, voice texts, and snowy are working again. Now let’s see how long the dictation servers stay up.


I have no problems with my Steele and a Note8 - yet.
Maybe Oreo will change that…


For those who haven’t seen today’s news, Fitbit are keeping the Pebble servers online for another 6 months, until June 30, 2018. That probably explains why dictation support is still working for many of us:

Showing Pebblers Love with Longer Device Support and an Exclusive Fitbit Discount

Probably worth reading through, especially if you might be interested in switching to an Ionic.

Edit: Also especially worth noting - these Pebble forums will also be going away then! :cry: