Japanese Pebble Language File (Notifications Only)


So after stumbling across the original Japanese language file found here I tested it out and found it worked like a charm but because my Japanese reading skill is still very limited I was unable to read the menus.
So I decompiled the file and reverted the menus back to english and just kept the original font file, so now when ever I receive a notification in Japanese I am able to view the messages without being smacked in the face with rectangle boxes.
All credit goes to the original creator who goes by cryingneko, I simply made a modified files for those with a more limited understanding of Japanese.
So if you would be so kind as to donate to the original author for their amazing hard work.
Please note I am unsure if this file works with the Pebble Time as I have an original Pebble.

My Modified file can be downloaded here


How do you install this? Can it be installed on iOS?


Simply open the link from within iOS and use the open with button and select the pebble app and it will start installing, it takes a while and if it fails keep trying it works eventually, I had it work first go then installed it again later and it took me almost 7 tries.
If you get stuck let me know and I’ll create an install guide for iOS.
I’m in iOS by the way


Your modified version is perfectly working with my pebble time steel. I installed it a week ago…then, today I tried to install this again for my pebble time(I have both of pebble time and pebble time steel) but I only get message ‘Can’t Display Link This link does not exist.’…Did you remove the file?


Okay try now I moved the folder on my dropbox account and forgot to update the link. its changed now


Thank you so much! I will go to donate to the original author…but I knew this original file was not fit for my usage…Yours is perfect for me! thanks a lot !


I’m not able to download this file :slightly_frowning_face:


Dear Mr. TheAntibyte,

I just modified a .po file in my native language to improve the accuracy. Is it possible if you help me out to build a language pack with a .po file and a .pbl file which is already modified in my language?