Just got an Apple Watch series 2


Just got a refurbished apple watch! I’ve loved the pebble experience, but with the possibility that the servers will soon stop, and because of compatibility issues, I decided to upgrade. Will still keep my Pebble Time around and keep tabs on whats going on in the pebble community, so RIP pebble.

Loved my time with it and the great community! - Riley H.:heart:


Congratulations! I bit the bullet and got a series 3 w/o cellular. Gotta say I’m loving it more every day and the battery life is amazing. Now I just need to find someone who wants to buy my Pebble Time Round…


Or you can keep it as a keepsake to remember Pebble. That’s what I’m doing.


I won’t say I’ve jumped ship, but I bought an Apple Watch 2 to use alternating with Pebble Time Steel. Battery life on AW2 first day was 19 hours, but I made the mistake of updating to AW OS 4, so my bad. Also (as would be expected) I played with it a lot first day. After that, I turned off wrist flick (it is really sensitive, and lights that battery draining screen ALL THE TIME) and after 34 hours, I have 49% battery left. Not a Pebble, but sort of acceptable. My plan is to alternate between wearing AW2 and PTS.

My rationale on buying the AW2 is that although the Pebble is (IMHO) a superior product, that since it is connected to a phone, and phones have updates, that eventually the Pebble may stop working with all phones, due to Apple and Android updates breaking the software side of the watch.

Until that happens, I will enjoy both products!


My wife has one and for me, even though my Pebble is not long for this world, it surpasses the Apple Watch. It has thousands of watch faces instead of a dozen, the battery lasts 5 times as long and I love being able to wear it overnight instead of charging it so I can measure my sleep,


Yeah, I miss being able to wear my watch all night, but it’s nice to be able to do more with my apple watch. I do still find myself reaching for the “Back” button that’s not there sometimes.:laughing::laughing::laughing:



Which version of Apple Watch OS are you using?

I made the mistake of updating to 4.1. It seems 4.2 is around the corner, and many AW users are saying that 4.1 has bad (I should say worse) battery life. Those with AW OS 3.2.3 seem happier, some saying they get 3 days.


I’m using watchos 4.1, but as I would charge my watch every night anyways, I don’t really care about the difference.