Just ordered Fitbit Versa!


I imagine most people on this forum probably already know about it, but Fitbit just announced their new watch, the Versa. The price is right (though not IDEAL) at $199.95. It seems like it might be the perfect Pebble replacement for me. It doesn’t have e-ink, but it’s supposed to last upwards of four days on a charge. The design is very sharp—basically looks like a touchscreen version of the Pebble Time 2 that we never got. I’m pretty excited! It’s supposed to ship in 3 to 4 weeks. They’re marketing it fairly heavily toward women, but I think I’m man enough to wear it. The black one especially is pretty gender-neutral. Probably the gray one, too.


I was looking at the amazfit pace as a replacement for my Pebble 2 but after looking at the versa I gotta say I’m torn. The versa has the water resistance, the battery life, hopefully the music control (just to change the phone music at will) and the NFC that I want. But the amazfit pace has a tranflective display for $120


That’s a good point about the music control. They’re advertising about being able to download songs and to use Pandora and such, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have basic controls for playing whatever’s on the phone the way Pebbles can. That would be disappointing if it doesn’t.


I ordered a Versa too. Sounds good to moi.

Dunno about the Amazfit pace. The Amazfit Bip is c***p imo. So near, but so very far.

  • Getting the screen to work is hit/miss. On my first one the screen worked fine; sent it back because of the below. The second one the screen worked sometimes. At least one other person said same
  • Finally figured out how to set alarms. Set them on -your phone-. Gaa…
  • Countdown/stopwatch timers unuseable for me, as you cant run a timer and view the watchface at the same time.
  • Adding new watch faces is basically impossible if you don’t have Android. Well, not impossible, but… The stock watch faces S***k bigly
  • Scrolling between functions is awkward
  • Could be a great and v. affordable watch. They are about a year of software updates from greatness.
  • So why did I get another. Lots of good reviews on Amazon, but those folks did not seem to use most of the above.
  • As a prominent TV personality says, Sad!


I’m curious to hear of your experience once you get it. Looks like we are finally getting closer to a Pebble alternative. I’d really like to understand how well calendar is integrated. I love how Pebble’s timeline interface works and how easy checking the day’s calendar is plus the abilities for upcoming sporting events to appear on it.

Another one I use a lot is Dialer for Pebble because it allows me mute a phone call which is great at work when used along with a bluetooth headset.

While quick replies have been mentioned, I haven’t seen anything about whether that includes voice replies. Anyone know if there is a microphone?


Since they’re only advertising quick replies, my assumption is that there is no option for voice replies. Although that would be nice, I can’t say I would miss it since I never really was able to get it to work on my Pebble anyway!


I chatted with Fitbit customer service today, and they confirmed that the watch will control iPhone music in addition to its built-in music features. That’s good news!


Good for you. I will wait for another thanksgiving day discount to “consider” whether I will be buying.


Looks like there finally is an upgrade path for my Pebble Time. As the old Time is still running fine, I’ll wait for the actual release of the Versa and subsequent reviews prior to ordering.


I agree with u guys. As far as I saw the Versa I realized that this could be the perfect replacement for my Pebble Time. Previously I was thinking about Ticwatch E, but I am switching to Versa.


Oh, thats awesome!

As a developer I have been hoping for a Pebble replacement a while. A replacement with a SDK. Didn’t want to be forced to get an Apple Watch. Now I also saw this, so I’ll guess I place an order for a Versa too :slight_smile:




$199.95 in the States and £199.99 in the UK approximately £57 more expensive here in the UK. Total rip off, Fitbit should be ashamed.


I couldn’t agree more, “the price is right” it is not! £100-150 and it might have been worth the gamble, but even then only once my Time dies.