KICKSTARTER: TYLT VU Pulse - Heart Rate and Qi Wireless Charging for Pebble Time/Time Steel


Hi Pebble Users!

We at TYLT are very excited to be bringing our first Pebble accessory to Kickstarter - the VU Pulse - and we want to share it with all of you. We know how passionate, dedicated, and loyal the Pebble user base is, and we would love to hear some feedback from this awesome community.

Called the VU Pulse, our “smart case” brings both a heart rate monitor and Qi Wireless Charging to your Pebble Time and Time Steel. Our product encloses the HR sensor and Qi Coil in a TPU case, using the Pebble’s charging pins to establish a connection with your watch. Our VU Pulse will ship with a link to our companion app, which uses the new Pebble Health API to sync with your iOS or Android device. Our solution presents a much more elegant and realistic model over that of the smart band concept, and still allows you to use the band of your choice.

We believe that fitness is an integral part of the smartwatch, and with our VU Pulse, you can take full advantage of your smartwatch. Pebble has done an awesome job on building Pebble Health, and we are looking to build on that and give you the full fitness band experience.

We know that these features have been heavily requested among the Pebble community, so we would love to hear from you all on your feedback for our launch, as well as gain your support, and of course, share this among your fellow Pebble users.

We are also very excited to bring our BETA Program with the VU Pulse. The BETA Program will send you an early production VU Pulse with our TYLT band. Expect to receive the product 2 months sooner than the early bird backers, and we’ll have a special section of our website so you can share your thoughts and feedback on the VU Pulse product to help improve the experience for all. Only one VU Pulse will be provided, and we will work with you to push updates or upgrade firmware to bring the beta unit to the final spec. We are limiting the BETA Program to 100 backers, and we believe that you all are the most passionate Pebble users to join this program.

Check out our now launched campaign on Kickstarter, share us with your friends, and we can’t wait to get the support to get into production!



This is awesome! Will it also work on the Pebble Time Round?

Or will there be a Round version in the future?


I changed pledge from the beta program because I’d rather have the charger for the same price and wait that little longer. But looking forward to getting it!


This looks so cool, but is it available for the Pebble Classic? Would be nice to know, because if it did I would back it.

Carter Robertson said:
This looks so cool, but is it available for the Pebble Classic? Would be nice to know, because if it did I would back it.
Currently, only available for the PT and PTS.


Hi guys,
Do you know if something like this will be develop for PTR ?


I’ve not heard of anything. Maybe reach out to the developer of TYLT VU.


If it can use wireless charging,it is really nice for me!Because I think the way of wireless charging is really convenient,which change my thought for it after using a fast wireless charger for phone.So I’m really looking forward to it right now!!


Unfortunately, the project was canceled:

I would definitely love to get my hand on one if I could…