Lets not let Pebble Die


I cant believe soon we wont be able to buy Pebble watches , it just seams bizarre and wrong.
I have a Pebble 2HR its quite simply brilliant, all of the apps and programs on the watch work perfectly. The HR monitor and step counter are very
accurate. The messaging and watch interface work really well with quirky animations and the very useful timeline function.
Why Fit Bit would spend $25m on buying one of the best and definitely coolest watches in the market with a huge following and Bin the entire production line is quite simply unbelievable. This product is mentioned in the same breath as a like Apple, a brand that spend million’s and millions on advertising. Pebble is so well know simply because its such a good product.
I have just bought a Pebble Round for my wife its beautiful and by far the most attractive smart/fitness watch on the market and I bought it on Amazon for £100.
I think every one on this site should post there thoughts on Fit Bits face book page, come on there’s 2 million of us.


Nobody have the firmware source. It can’t direction change to another server. I don’t hope any improvement on it. Just need a new smart watch coming out.


Fit Bit are not having a very good time at the moment their new products have only bought there stock price down , they need to score a home run and I believe Pebble is the answer.


Hi, @mhgeorge. Fitbit did not actually buy the full Pebble company and stop the production. After Pebble finished, Fitbit just bought the software/firmware IP (and hired some of the developers), which they are most likely to use for a future Fitbit product.


But Fit Bit make health trackers I bought their version of a watch the Blaze, it was hopeless the screen was so small it was illegible and the HR monitor wasn’t worth looking at unless you believe your HR can go from 60 bpm to 200 by walking up a flight of stairs.

And quite frankly its an ugly thing with a lots off watch body and very little in the way of legible screen. I think the problem is Fit Bit keep producing new products that are not really market ready , so you have to wait for the MKII version before its any good. By that time you have lost trust in the brand.

Lets hope whatever they bought, and how ever they use that IP they end up with a product that looks and operates a lot more like a Pebble than another Rubber band tracker.


I’ve wondered, for a while, if we should start a feedback web page, detailing what we, as Pebble users and developers, think are the most important features need in order for us to do development on a new watch platform. Even if we could just list the absolutely needed features.

I’ll start; ability to design and write my own watchface, some type of timeline support, ability to trigger my own events on the watch without the need of a phone connected. That would allow me to rebuild my wife’s Alarmnote program, to remind her of what pills to take when, even without her phone around.


For me its they way it looks and feels on my wrist , my HR2 is modern and sleek. I can add a more formal leather strap when going out to dinner and leave the rubber strap for the gym.
Its simple and doesn’t need a whole load of fiddling about to find out what you need. Its always on and pings up all the info I need.
For and ageing technophobe like myself its fun and not confusing, the interface graphics are cool and funny I love the ostrich burying its head when you ignore something and the shredder for deletion.
The pebble round I bought for my wife is a very pretty watch , its look smart but carries out all the fitness and tracking she needs without being an Obvious tracker band.
Unlike other trackers I have used, I have become attached to this product , similar to my iMac, it has a personality. Its a simply brilliant piece of design and functionality.


All we need is waiting patiently.There are some developers who working on the project to make pebble outlive.:pensive: