Looking for recommendation on a Pebble Time replacement


So, following Pebble’s demise I have been following the smartwatch market with an eye to seeing what I’d replace my Pebble Time with if it was to die. I’m still not sure what I’d do. What’s the consensus on the best replacement?

I have the following requirements:

  • Great battery life - I easily get four or more days from my Pebble Time
  • Start, stop and see stats for RunKeeper on my wrist
  • Control music (iPhone music app and Spotify)
  • See notifications (txt, iMessage, email)
  • Not too expensive - Pebble’s sub-$200 price was great. For something that gets a little battered around, $200+ is a little bit too much for my liking

I don’t necessarily need things like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, touchscreen, dictation, music storage, GPS, LTE, etc., especially if they have a big negative impact on battery life.

Apple Watch and Fitbit Ionic seem to both give me 3 of my 5 requirements, but nothing seems to meet all 5…


Best option is the Garmin Vivoactive 3. Always on screen and arguably better design that the Fitbit Ionic, great battery life too. Shame that Fitbit can’t produce a compelling alternative despite swallowing Pebble.


I finally found a Pebble replacement.

Always on screen, HR, Barometer, GPS, notifications. It’s what the surge should have been.

I bought one and it’s awesome! Well impressed! Works with iOS and Android too.

I have 39% battery life left with 21 days usage (24/7 HR).



I agree! I’m impressed, as well.


Hi, I’m in the same frame of mind take a look at the Weloop Hey 3s it has some great features long battery life, water proof and always on. It retails for about $200 AU I hope this helps.


ticwatch 2 active. I totally adored my pebble round 2. it was like my best friend. my eyes water as i type this. the closest experience for me (albeit a little excessive) is the ticwatch. just an opinion


Asus ZenWatch 2. That’s the smart watch that I had almost purchased in the stead of my Pebble Time Steel.


Ive finially found a replacement for my pebble that makes sense.
Ive tried many options and have settled for the new Martian Mvoice G2


I had a Martian Passport which worked very well except for one thing: it lost connection if I was more than 4 or 5 feet from my phone. So it was great if my phone was in my pocket.

The mVoice G2 is newer, so my question is:
Does Bluetooth connection work better, from further away? How’s battery life?


Its not out yet…they were on kick-starter and now have pre-orders available. I registered for a pre-order.
I have owned a passport in the past, was pretty good for what it was designed to do…I have higher hopes for this device, and it looks pretty good. True, the functionality of the pebble isn’t there, but it appears to be better than the other options I have tried. My focus is battery life, notifications and some health tracking and a good looking time piece.
Everyone is different - so it may not work for everyone.


This post could have been written by me. Same exact thoughts. Good luck to us all


Hmmm… the Martian Mvoice G2, releasing June 30th (funny, the shutdown time of Pebble), looks nice, has most features we would want, 7-10 day batter life, 60 days on the physical hands, looks like a nice dressy watch. Although, it looks a little fat. The Pebble time steel is very slim for it’s feature set

Hmmm… ALMOST Perfect pebble replacement, under $200 too, falls back on some fitness features (Pebble time steel has, step tracking and sleep tracking, something I do use).

So what’s wrong with it ? It’s not a big name that I know, so I will have to wait till we see some reviews but, it looks good so far.

Maybe there IS a smartwatch that can live up to the very high standards that the Pebble Time Steel set… Otherwise there is nothing else out there right now.


Too bad none of these “alternatives” do what pebble did.

In the PTS, pebble made a nicer looking smartwatch that was platform agnostic, with all customizable notifications (with voice reply), shock & scratch resistant, with an 8-10 day battery life, water “resistant” to 50m!(with a microphone), and fitness/sleep tracking, then they did it all on the colored backlit display you can read in the sunlight.

Its hard to believe 2 years later theyre gone and nobody has offered anything like it in ANY price bracket, let alone $200. Especially when they were going to be delivering on the Time 2’s a year ago with all that and a larger screen with heartrate monitoring.

Fucking give me the Pebble Time 2. Call it the fuckbit time 2, I dont care. Just bring it.


Can you respond by voice to SMS Gmail etc


I heard that the mi watch’s vibration is a bit weak. Could you comment on this? Thanks!


Vibration of Amazfit Bip is absolutely OK from my point of view. I’d guess better than my Pebble Time Round.


I heard that Tic only had 2-3 days battery, so it’s just another ordinary smartwatch for me.
Nobody beats the advantages Pebble used to had, colored AOD, battery life, watchfaces…