Looking for working Google Calendar App


Hi all,

I got my Pebble Time today and want to install a Google Calendar App. I tried some, but no one is working because authentification with Google is not longer supportet.
So, which App is working?

Thank you


What exactly do you want to do? Calendar sync is a built-in feature.



I want an agendar with Thema next topics of the week for example.


I don’t understand exactly what you’re looking for, but maybe my experience will help. I recently cleared all the apps off my Pebble Classic, and installed an app on my phone called Canvas for Pebble. I found it on (Google?) Play Store. I have an Android phone, not very up-to-date. With Canvas, I am able to create a watchface that runs on my old Pebble that shows the next two events (of the next two weeks) that are on the Google Calendar on my phone, This calendar also syncs on my Windows 10 computer. This setup operates better on my Pebble than anything else I’ve had on it. Even the Pebble screen isn’t messed up as it used to be.