Maximum size for pbw?



There seems to be a maximum size for the PBW file. When I try to load a watchface I made it says “complete” but it doesn’t load. I looked a the logs and this is what I see…

W 2013-04-20 16:00 put_bytes.c:312> Invalid size for type 4, size: 213810, max_size: 98304
W 2013-04-20 16:00 put_bytes.c:376> Invalid size; NACKing
E 2013-04-20 16:00 put_bytes.c:591> PutBytes command 0x4 not permitted in current state 0x0

Looks like that max size might be 98304 bits or bytes?

I have around 20 images and this is what’s making the app so big… any idea how to optimize/minimize the size of the pictures? Should I use JPG, BMP or PNG? Should I set the resource as RAW or PNG, etc?





There’s a maximum size for the binary executable and a maximum size for resources. So the maximum doesn’t apply to the size of the .pbw itself–it’s just the “package”.

App binaries need to 24KB or smaller. We recommend resources are no larger than 64KB.

You could experiment using some form of compression on the images and storing them as a RAW resource.


Thank you for the clarification!


The Readme.txt in the SDK says 24KB for .PBW, 96KB for resources, so I’ve been working to keep mine below that. Had a similar problem with my .PNG’s, found this technique for reducing the size which seems to work very well:

There are other tools & techniques out there if you don’t have PS, but I’ll leave you to google those yourself :).


Thank you for the link, Gary. I’ll give that a try.


Thanks, Robert. I’ll try that out too!


Hmmm AFAIK reducing PNG file size won’t result in any change in the .pbw size as during the packaging process PNG files are converted to bitmaps using the tools/ command of the SDK.