Migrating from Pebble to Rebble


For everyone wanting to switch your Pebble to use Rebble Web Services once the Pebble servers are turned off, Rebble are asking everyone to create a Rebble account before the end of June. If you make an account and link it with your current Pebble account, they can copy across your account data, which will make things easier for you later:


Just mentioning it for others (like me) who might have missed the info but still read these forums.


Thanks for the heads up and good luck with all your hard work.


Thank you from me too :slight_smile:


Thank you!
I would have missed it!


Hoping Rebble will work


Thank you!!!
I would have missed it too.


I’m onboard (with my five Pebbles) and very much hope there will be adequate support to make Rebble a great success.


Thank you!!! for the reminder!!