My love-hate relationship with Pebble


And I guess I didn’t close my Pebble quite as good because I went on a ride today (mountain biking) and fell into some mud and muddy water with my Pebble hand and at first it seemed ok, then about an hour ago I started seeing a brighter part on the screen, but only when the backlight was on and now I ocasionally see a random watchface or something, but mostly the screen is just white…


I’m a Pebble super-fan, but I have encountered a couple less-than ideal things. I had the original version and would occasionally get a glitchy screen, but as others have pointed out, it seemed to occur for some watch faces more than others. Additionally, some watchfaces really drain the battery in no time. Not Pebble’s fault, but something to watch out for.

I now have the ‘Time’ and I love it a bunch. There is one thing I’ve encountered that I really don’t like, and that’s how Runkeeper seems to work inconsistently. I the middle of a half-marathon, I looked at my watch and thought ‘surely I’ve run further than that’, and I noticed the time had stopped. I couldn’t get it working though I didn’t mess with it much, being mid-run. Otherwise it’s kind of a crapshoot - sometimes I get the display with time and distance, sometimes I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong though, this is a small part of Pebble for me. Overall, I love it.


With the stopping I have that on a couple of faces for a while then OK.

I guess it’s a buggy version release for the face or app. Possibly in conjunction with small holes on the core OS that get fixed over time.

I guess also, when there is a new firmware release app developers don’t always find every issue during testing until it hits the wild.

The 2 watch face developers I contacted over regular time freezes (actually one was Glance) let me know that they were already working on a fix. I have found the community developers very responsive to queries, especially with Glance.


[quote=“RobFisk, post:19, topic:21350, full:true”]Thinking of this one for the Time 2:

OK, so it lies about the time steel as that had a non standard strap interface but the 2s are all standard 22mm[/quote]
Just a point of clarification, the Steel is the one with a non-standard fitting, the Time Steel is normal 22mm.


I’ve had my PS for about 10 months and this post made me realize I have indeed sometimes seen broken images like that on the screen but they always resolved with the next refresh and this happened seldom enough that I just forgot about it and moved on every time. If I keep the OS updated and never wear the watch during vigorous activities should I expect this to get progressively worse until the watch becomes unusable?


@abm It’s not something anyone has actual, empirical proof that something causes or not doing something prevents this from happening.
My buest guess is that keeping the watch from heat is the best bet to prevent this from happening so even vigorous activites could count, but also keep in mind your watch might come close to a hot plate/pot, it might come close to warm water when washing your hands, …
But again, that’s just my guess as to what’s the biggest reason for this happening. I could be totally off, partially off or spot on… It could be a single thing, it could be multiple things…
I, personally, would not go through hoops to keep the watch alive… Sure, I’m not gonna throw it in fire just to see if it will survive and such, but if I bought it because it’s supposed to be a robust watch, one that you don’t need to take off for every single thing you do… If it can’t handle that, it’s not the watch for me… Unfortunately, Pebble is the closest to that on the market, but apparently it’s not completely robust. Something does apparently trigger these problems, which is why I made this thread :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Well, not the first generation anyway. Other discussions lead me to understand the Time and Time 2.0 are free from this problem. In which case if my PS lasts me 1.5 - 2 years (about the interval we tend to switch phones these days) it will be comfortable to say I got my money’s worth and I will just move on to the 2.0 or whatever is most attractive at the time.


Well. They have my money now. Roll on November for my Time 2.

With the massive delay on the original Pebble due to manufacturing difficulties I decided to coin the phrase PAWIN syndrome.

It first appeared with catalogue buying and was greatly increased with internet shopping. Channels like Kickstarter have spawned the most virulent strains.

I’m talking about Paid Already. Want It Now!


Got the same screen and strap issues like yours.
Had the Kickstarter Edition, screen issue appeared 10 months after, contacted Pebble support, sent me another a new replacement watch.
A week later, the screen issue appeared, left it aside for a couple months and decided to contact Pebble again and waiting for another watch. I hope this one won’t have the screen issue.


Welp, mine seems to be doing the ugly thing on a daily basis now. And since I bought it used and out of warranty, there can be no question of any RMA. The Time 2 is also not an option since it only ships in January at best, so I’m looking at a Time Steel for 220-ish euros or another used PS for 66 euros. Add to that my principle that my smartwatch should not cost more than my phone + the 178 euro price point for my Xiaomi Redmi 3 and the used Pebble Steel option wins again. :slight_smile:


I feel the same way like you love-hate-love-hate-love…:cry:


So it seems there’s a significant number of people like me :slight_smile:
Well, in my case, I’m currently in a situation where I managed to really kill my Pebble (won’t do anything other than show the pebble startup screen (no backlight, no recovery, no reboots, no nothing) and when the battery drains it dies… If I plug it into the charger, same thing… So it’s pretty dead :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, buying another Pebble now would be a very bad decision for me since I’ll be moving out of this hell-hole which is among the, I think, three countries that do not have free shipping for Pebble which makes the Pebble significantly more expensive and it’s already not a good idea to buy a Pebble now, and then when the new series starts shipping buy that so the only sensible thing for me to do would be to wait for the new series to start shipping and, while I miss my Pebble very much, I’ve started to get used to not having it… I would definitely still like it, but weighing the price PLUS all the headaches (the hate part of the relationship :slight_smile:) I think I’ll end up not buying another Pebble… I figure that by the time it would be sensible (and financially possible) for me to buy a new Pebble I would already be so used to not having a Pebble that I wouldn’t be able to justify buying another one, unless the new series somehow really WOWs me…
So I’m apparently in Pebble detox now :slight_smile:


That is unfortunate.

I am now suffering PAWIN syndrome (Paid Already Want It Now) for my pebble time 2 from kickstarter.

The initial drop in price pays for the shipping and the glitching (now getting worse but can still go a week or so without) is definitely getting worse on my original.

My options would be without a watch at all or with a Pebble though.
I have my builds rigged to send a pushover that buzes my watch when my build is complete at work.
I can press a button on the watch to make my phone sound when I forgot where I left it.
I know when I have an incoming call if I have left the phone on silent and it is in another room.
If my hands are full of shopping and the bulb has gone on my stair I can activate the flash as torch (Galaxy note carried in shirt pocket).

Of course, currently, these notifications appear as a bunch of unreadable fuzz now and then until I punch the watch a few times but this is really supposed to have been resolved and I will be keeping a close eye on it during the warantee period.


I have the case that I don’t know at which address I’ll be living at when the Pebble 2 series starts shipping so that’s a technical reason why I can’t pay for it, but if it weren’t for that I would not buy the Kickstarter Pebble Time 2 solely because I know PAWIN syndrome would kill me, possibly even literally :smiley:

Since both my Pebble originals are dead I’ve gone a few days without any watch and found myself looking at my wrist oh-so-many times to see what time it is… So I bought a cheap regular watch… Now when I hear my phone I automatically check my watch only to realize it’s not doing anything other than showing the time… :slight_smile:

I honestly have no idea how I’m gonna manage until Pebble Time 2 finally starts shipping and I’m in a situation where I can actually buy it… Then again, I’m still in the period which would easily be considered “the detox period” so after I’m fully “clean” I might just give up on Pebble…
But yeah, I had stuff like that, too… A press of a Pebble button turns off my monitor, starts a shutdown timer (I like to leave my PC playing music until I fall asleep), shuts down the lights in my room (I got a DIY Ambilight setup in my room which is so bright I use it as general room-lighting and it’s hooked up to my PC so when in Rome… :slight_smile:) and so on… I really miss those things… Pebble spoiled me like crazy :smiley:


So I just chose the color through kickstarter for my wife’s pebble 2 (actually i chose white which technically is not a color ;), and it reminded me of this forum. For me the color is black again (Whoa, also technically not a color) - we are an inverse colorless couple…anyway,

Igor, will you be able to buy a pebble in whatever location / country you are, compared to preorder (with shipping cost)? Maybe it won’t be such a difference without paying shipping?

I still find it interesting that many of you talk matter of factly about buying a new smartwatch every year or so like it’s ok, “testing” new ones like they’re diffferent color socks, yet i never had a watch before that did not last less than 5 years. Yes, I understand it’s “electronic,” but even a smartphone lasts at least 2 or 3 years (really more, but outdated technologically).

Having resurrected my pebble, with infrequent but tolerable screen ministrokes, I look forward to the new gen and hope these breakdown issues will be from older times (sorry, I can’t stop these). Looks like my wife’s 2 will be coming before my pebble 2 (no pun there), which may be hard to bear.

GL to all.



I always go for black :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m relocating to Ireland to where shipping is free and am currently in Croatia where shipping is not free so the price will kind of even itself out. I just won’t be in the Kickstarter batch, nor will I have a kickstarter logo or something to show off :slight_smile:

Exactly, while Pebble is very much an experiment, it still is a consumer device marketed as a smart watch, not an experiment so, while I appreciate the experiments without which we wouldn’t have such a great product, it doesn’t mean that the products life-span should be shorter than you would expect from a regular smartwatch… Sure, considering it’s a great product customers will let some things slide, but in the end, as you say, it’s sure supposed to last at least a few years… In fact, I’ve never had a smartphone work for me and then die before it’s actually so old it’s weird that I haven’t replaced it yet anyway…

Yeah, right, no pun, like anyone believes that was accidental :stuck_out_tongue: (disclaimer: I love puns and I love sexual innuendos :slight_smile:)

Thank you and good luck to all, too!


Steven, this is my first Pebble upgrade since the original Kickstarter and when it is not screen glitching (2 weeks now with only a couple) I still love it even after all these years.

If there were no issues and I hadn’t recently scored a higher paing job i probably would not have upgraded as I do actually love the retro look of the Pebble original and 2.

I opted for the Time 2 primarily for the increased battery life and screen size.

Waiting for it to become available locally (if it does) would possibly end up about the same as the kickstarter but would all depend on exchange rates and so on. My savings margin on the Kickstarted was nixed by the post Brexit UK ound plummit for example.

Black as well for me. White is for fridges and dishwashers.


In other news, about a week ago I went back to shutting the watch down at night and what I’ve been seeing since then is that the “screen tearing” also went back to almost-never happening. I think it happened once (or twice?) and there was very light “tearing”, not enough to interfere with the information presented on screen. So it would seem that nightly power-offs (or even simple periodical resets?) may keep the problem manageable, at least for a while.


That’s interesting information… It might be something like the hardware having time to cool off during the night - do the tearing issues now happen towards the end of the day or do they happen in the first part of the day, too, when they do happen?


I’ll get back to you on that when I have more data.