My love-hate relationship with Pebble


I just wish that Pebble would use word other than “Connecting” when it is trying to interface with my phone/watch. Because it looks just like “Connected” unless I can get a magnifying glass or my readers. Not all of us are youngsters with good eyes. I don’t know where else to post this so I am posting it right here any anybody that reads it can post it somehwere else or tell me to go jump in the Bay, but having 2 of the 3 words look so similar is bad UX


You know what @Rich_Glasson, I have the same problem, I just wasn’t aware of it… Now that you say it I realize that yeah, that’s been buggin’ the hell out of me. “Trying to connect…” would be much better…


That is a good suggestion, you should submit it to Pebble using the “Suggest Something” link in the Support menu of the Pebble app.


12 days later I’m still waiting for the “when they do happen” part. Literally hasn’t happened once - not one badly drawn pixel since I last posted about this. I’ve scared the bug, it’s afraid to come out now that it knows I’m watching. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well now you’ve jinxed it by posting this to the forum, now it’ll suddenly start happening more often :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside, great to hear that, fingers crossed it keeps on being scared :slight_smile:


Yep, jinxed it alright. Happened again today: once in the morning, not long after turning the watch back on, when I got an SMS notification, and 2 more times in quick succession this evening as I was going through the menus. Like I said last time, it’s only a few lines that get corrupted now, I can still read the information just fine, but the problem is there.

Good thing I panicked and got that Time Steel, which is now quietly sitting in a drawer, waiting for its Day of Ascension. :stuck_out_tongue: But the PS will have to glitch so badly that I can’t understand the information being displayed at least once, even as I continue to turn it off every night, for that day to come. Meanwhile it looks like it’s going to reach its 1-year anniversary next week, having served me well the whole time.


I had almost the same experience. Three watches (two replacements) and no replacement this last time because the warranty ran out. I decided to go ahead and get a pebble time because the scrambling on the screen of my classic is happening way to often so as to make the watch useless. This time the screen would scramble unexpectedly and sometimes worse than other times.

I’m going to try your solution to see if I can salvage the watch.

l sort of like my new pebble time. I say sort of because I find the screen a bit harder to read because the contrast isn’t as good as the b+w screen on the classic. And there is a goofy animation when going from a notification back to main watch face. A minor annoyance it may be but I don’t like that sort of thing and wish there was away to disable it.

I love my pebble from the first time I got one and have come to rely on it throughout the day.


Turns out that it was still going downhill, just slower, and right around its 1-year anniversary (mid-August) it did it again: tearing so bad I could barely read the time, plus the time I could read was minutes behind the real time. Had to end the story there and switch to the Time Steel.

R.I.P. little Pebble Steel.


I bought a refurbed Peeble Time in June (2016). (Wished I had bought new, but this was a test drive. The battery life is down to 3 days after 4 months of use. For only a few bucks more, I could have had a new one. Lesson learned.)

I love it. It does what I need it to do which is remind where I have to be and when*. It lets me know when I get emails, IMs, and texts. It lets me reply with my voice. How cool is that?

I do like the Health features, specifically the Sleep tracking. I have insomnia and I like my watch to tell me how crappy my sleep is.

*Although, all that being said, after the latest upgrade, my watch has lost the ability to vibrate for calendar notifications – which is essential to me. I hope that gets sorted out soon.

I’ll definitely consider the Time 2 when it comes out. My Time has changed my life and I can’t see functioning without it.


I have similar issues with my Pebble Steel. Band split in a short time, now wearing steel band. Screen tears and the screen flashes annoyingly every second. People keep asking me why my watch flashes. It has gotten to be such a regular question now that other people are answering for me.

Pebble keep sending me out offers to buy another Pebble, but whilst I love the Pebble, I don’t trust that they have gotten it right. Funny, they never ask for feedback, they never wonder why I don’t take up their offers. Perhaps they know that if they ask me, I will tell them.

Pebble, if you are reading this, then send out your offers to existing Pebble owners with a discount offer if they send you a 10 second video of their existing Pebble displaying faults. You either build bridges or you run out of loyal customers, your choice.

Meanwhile my Pebble advertises to everyone that it is faulty and annoying. Better than word of mouth advertising I think.


I enjoyed your story. I’ve been fortunate, I’ve owned a Pebble since early 2014 and my latest Pebble FE86 since Feb-Mar 2015 timeframe. I’ve not had many problems with my Pebble; and, none like you’ve had. When I did have a problem I was able to fix it either from these Forums or by Googling a fix for the problem. I love my Pebble.

My problems have been with the watch faces; they are never bright enough. Seems like all the developers like a dark watch face while I want a light/bright watch face. I will head over to that Forum from here. I thought I found the perfect watch face for me from Aspire, $0.99; however, after paying for the watch face, a big “3K” appeared in place of the time, date, etc. I’ve written them twice and still waiting on a response to fix it or tell me what I’m doing wrong.


Have you tried Time Style? Other than the vertical status bar, you can do black on “white”


Glad to here you’re happy with Pebble.
That 3K thing sounds dreadful, hope you either get the thing sorted or get a refund.
I much prefer the dark watchfaces, but I see how some people might prefer light ones. As a developer I would give the user a choice, if I’m doing a “proper product”, however I believe there’s lots of watchfaces that are developed more as a proof of concept for people or something along those lines and in that case it’s all about getting it “done” and I would probably implement a dark theme and not a bright one, too. However, there’s a good deal of watchfaces that are open-source if I am not mistaken. What I did (when I still had a Pebble) was take the closest watchface to what I wanted that was open-source and then change it to match my desires perfectly or near-perfect. When I finally get Pebble2 (still hasn’t shipped :disappointed:) I’ll check out the watchfaces and might do the same thing again…


Thank you.




There is a video online on how to open the back and put small piece of tissue in it that solves the problem. Take a look at Pebble Junkies on Facebook. It’s been mentioned many, many times.


That’s what i did with my steel - the tissue trick.

But i now have it for sale, if anyone is interested. I have been wearing a Samsung Gear S2 for about a month, and i just gave my wife the apple watch series 1 last night (after she just received the Pebble 2 about 2 months ago).

So, I went from a pebble diehard to feeling like i had a pebble in my shoe after they dropped us, and find now truthfully better displays and app usage from what we had before.

So, pebble out.



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