My Pebble time steel watch overheated and died


On Saturday morning, I charged my watch and everything was fine until around 5pm. Suddenly my wrist began to burn and I realized my watch was heating up, it was very hot. I took the watch off and put it in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes.

It has been dead since. I sent in a message to support on Saturday and I still have NOT got any response. Has anyone else had this experience?

I got my watch as a Christmas gift last December so it isn’t very old.


If pebble doesn’t respond for a while try asking about it again. Possibly it was caused by a battery failure, and the battery super heated and inflated damaging the electronics inside. Hope it starts working again.:disappointed:


You should have gotten an auto response from Pebble Support within an hour of first submitting it. If you didn’t, check your spam folder to see if anything is there.

I’ve contacted Pebble Support several times and have gotten the auto response right away, and a live follow up reply usually within a day, two at the most.


Yes I did receive an auto response, nothing at all since. Going on day 3 so hopefully sometime soon.


Day 3 is to far out. You should email them again.


Ya, thanks, i sent another message and received a response. looks like paperwork and prob be without a watch for several months before I get to enjoy it again.


Several months? It took Pebble support less than a week to resolve a hardware issue with my watch.


I live in a remote area, I imagine after sending in my warranty proof info I will have to mail the watch out for them to study and determine next move.
Not much info as to what to expect next.


All they ask me for was photos and a description. They sent me a new replacement watch and an prepaid envelope to send back the broken one in.


That is great news thank you! I was losing hope with the limited communications.


Mine just over heated while wearing it and it burned my wrist. It was so hot that my skin is starting to blister. Not good! Emailed support, we’ll see what happens.


I had the same happening. I bought my watch around Christmas 2015 too. Seems they must have had a faulty batch of batteries. To get a replacement took about 3 days with support. So response time for me is ok. Still waiting for the new watch though. But with a weekend in between, I expected this. I wonder though whether or not I trust the new watch to track my sleep in the future.


I’m supposed to get my replacement today. Since getting your replacement, did you trust your watch while sleeping or driving a car. I’m somewhat concerned the replacement could overheat at some point (as long as Pebble doesn’t know the cause, it won’t be fixed, whatever the reason). And having an overheating watch while sleeping or driving seems dangerous. When mine got hot in the office, it was easy to take off, but while driving at speeds of about 90mph, it won’t be that easy and could also cause an accident.


The failure was most likely caused by a defective battery. Since this happened with only a few watches in thousands, I would not worry about it. Enjoy your new watch!:grin:


I think I’ll enjoy the new watch, but I still have reservations. The defective watch got damn hot in less than a couple of seconds, and I was able to get it off my arm because I was working at my desk. Not sure what would have happened in the car or while sleeping.


This literally just happened to me too with a pebble time steel. I was just about to go to bed. I thought it would actually go on fire so I put it into a cooking pot just in case. 20 minutes later it is back to ambient temperature but totally and completely dead.

I contacted pebble support, not sure if I would be comfortable with another one - if that had happened when I was sleeping it definitely would have burnt me badly.


Support was very responsive and I was able to speak with an executive about the issue. It sounds like Pebble is aware of the issue and is addressing it. I’m proud of Pebble for stepping up, especially given the number of battery issues occurring right now in hight-tech!