No more third party


Hi everyone.

All my third party watch faces and watch apps have stopped working. Only pebble ones seem to work. Anyone else having issues? Maybe the end is nigh?


I had the same thing happen last night. It looks like all watch faces that allow you to modify a setting in the watch face are not working.
I have not figured out how to get my old watch faces working again.


Mine is PTS, and Elijah Kang’s Aspire watchface works perfectly on mine.

Anything that involves using the microphone will work one day and not the next, but that is my only problem currently.


Feel a bit daft as it is the first thing I should of tried but it fixed the concern. I just turned off my pebble then turned it on again. Everything working as it did before.


I’ve been using the “Big Weather” watchFace from the start – and on my PTS – never had an issue.


All watchfaces and apps work fine on my PTS connected to my S7 so not sure why you have this issue as the servers run till the end of June plus if on android and you have the latest version of the app it was modified so that the Pebble could be used without the servers when they are shut down.


Mine are still working on my Pebble Time Steel. No problems whatsoever.


Yeh, like I said above, i restarted my watch and everything works again now. Might have been because my watch has never been turned off for months and might be a little bug somewhere that was never fixed.

Ok now though.


I use my watchface, Orbits, all of the time and it’s still working just fine.


Same here, trying to switch watchfaces this morning but only the stock ones works.


See my instructions on in the review of the Pebble Time Steel to restore your watch faces. Google “vegetarianwino amazon”


I had to reboot my iphone to fix another issue and now NO watchfaces and when I try to add them it says added but nothing there. Can you post a link to your fix please - the search didn’t work.


I’m sorry but this might not work with an iPhone, but here it is anyway
"Usually I would wait about a week or more before posting a review of something that I purchased, but Pebble Time Steel made me break that little rule. For people with larger wrists I recommend the previous iteration of this watch, the Pebble Steel because the Pebble Time Steel watch looks perfect on my wrist, which is something that leads me to believe that this would look ridiculous on the wrist of guys with huge manly wrists.

I am already in love with this watch. There is no touch screen, which means having to cycle through modes and settings, but I like the ability to install a variety of watch faces, and the battery life is great. I can turn on the light with either a flick of the wrist or a push of a button. The leather wrist band sucks, so I just purchased a metal band, and am waiting for its delivery. I highly recommend this watch to anyone who is trying to decide between this and the Asus Zen Watch 2. If you’re a bigger guy, go with the larger Asus, or with the Pebble Steel. If your wrists are on the smaller side, come to the Pebble Time Steel.
Update April 11, 2017: Purchased the 22mm Mesh Stainless Steel Milanese Loop Replacement Watch Band For Pebble Time Steel 2015 YESOO for a much better looking watch band. I bought the stainless steel band and the black band and both look beautiful. The leather watch band that comes with the watch goes quickly from looking nice to looking like a dirty rubber band in no time.
Update May 17, 2017: In the Google Play Store is an app called “NavMe” and this app pushes Google Maps navigation to your Pebble Time Steel watch. This comes in very handy for when you’re riding a motorcycle. Just ask Maps for the destination, Maps will plot a path to your destination and send it to the Pebble. You can put the phone in your back pocket and just pay attention to the watch as it navigates you to your destination. Just be sure to pay attention to the proper settings. It works like a charm.

People have been experiencing problems viewing watchfaces when going onto the Pebble app to change the watch face. Here is the solution to that problem. In order to expedite the procedure please use either a Wi-Fi (WLAN) connection or a 4G internet connection:

First, tap your Pebble app icon. Tap the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the screen, and chose “Settings.” Scroll down and make a note of what email account you used for your Pebble account.

Secondly, go into your Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and unpair all of the connections between your phone and the Pebble smartwatch.

Thirdly, go into your Pebble watch settings on the watch and choose [Settings/Bluetooth/(your smartphone)/Forget.] Press the “back” button.

Fourthy, scroll down to the “System” line and select; scroll down to “Factory Reset” and select, and wait.

Fifthly, uninstall the Pebble app from your smartphone, and wait.

Sixthly, when the display on your watch, displays the website from which to download the app, go to the Google Play Store and download the Pebble app.

Seventhly, when you sign into your Pebble account, check that you forgot your password (even if you remember it.) Pebble will send a link to your email (check your spam folder in your email account if you don’t see the link within two minutes.) Change your password.

And finally, open the Pebble app on your smartphone and sign in using your new password. You should now see all of your watchfaces present when you visit the app, and then the watch faces that you have already purchased should download and appear. Make certain that you have internet (3G or 4G, or Wi-Fi) connection because the phone depends on an internet connection to display the watchmaker. (See the second picture.)

The future watchfaces that you will purchase will also appear.


Also, with a flick of the wrist, makes a great night light for trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

OK, it’s been a year since my first update, and my Pebble Time Steel is still going strong. Some scratches on the screen were removed using a facecloth and cheap toothpaste, and it’s back to a like-new condition. Some apps that are worthy of note are:
“Dashboard,” an app that lets you see the battery level of your phone, as well as turn on the lock screen, use a sound to locate your phone, turn on/off the hotspot, the wi-fi, and the data -all from a distance.
“Snowy,” which allows you to vocally set alarms, reminders, check the weather, etc… It’s a digital personal assistant.
“NavMe,” will navigate you to places. This app is especially useful while on a bicycle or motorcycle.
“Compass” is a very accurate compass app created by Pebble."


Thanx - I found a post that said to remove the app and then add it back and go through the steps and sure enough all my watch faces and apps are back!


region your Apple Watch on its charger with strength connected and additionally join your iPhone to electricity.
in your iPhone: open the track app and begin gambling a tune (through your iPhone audio system is satisfactory).
for your iPhone, within the Watch app, go to: My Watch (tab) > scroll down and tap at the name of the app that might not open > turn off the option for show App on Apple Watch > pause for a few moments > flip the option lower back on again.
If that does not remedy the difficulty, subsequent try unpairing and re-pairing your watch:

The Watch app to your iPhone takes watch backups automatically, along with a sparkling one when unpairing through the app.
pick to repair the watch (repair from Backup) when provided the choice at some stage in installation. most records and settings may be restored, with some exceptions (eg Apple Pay cards, passcode).
Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone - Apple guide
set up your Apple Watch - Apple guide
extra data:

Get assist with apps on your Apple Watch - Apple help

If the difficulty persists, strive those steps, which have resolved the equal trouble for some other customers.

for your iPhone, go to: Settings > general > storage & iCloud usage > within the garage section, faucet on control garage > tune > Edit (top-proper corner) > delete All Songs.
again up your iPhone to iCloud (do now not reset your iPhone afterwards, simply make the backup):
the way to again up your devices using iCloud or iTunes - Apple support

also lower back up (but do now not Sync) your iPhone to iTunes, choosing the choice to “Encrypt iPhone backup” (again, do no longer reset your iPhone afterwards, just make the backup):
how to returned up your devices the usage of iCloud or iTunes - Apple guide

Then re-strive commencing each of the affected apps.
track may be brought lower back on your iPhone again after trying those steps.
After trying these steps, if the problem persists (or if it’s miles to start with resolved, but then later returns), I propose which you contact Apple aid for in addition help:
Bluestacks TextNow