No more third party


Hi everyone.

All my third party watch faces and watch apps have stopped working. Only pebble ones seem to work. Anyone else having issues? Maybe the end is nigh?


I had the same thing happen last night. It looks like all watch faces that allow you to modify a setting in the watch face are not working.
I have not figured out how to get my old watch faces working again.


Mine is PTS, and Elijah Kang’s Aspire watchface works perfectly on mine.

Anything that involves using the microphone will work one day and not the next, but that is my only problem currently.


Feel a bit daft as it is the first thing I should of tried but it fixed the concern. I just turned off my pebble then turned it on again. Everything working as it did before.


I’ve been using the “Big Weather” watchFace from the start – and on my PTS – never had an issue.


All watchfaces and apps work fine on my PTS connected to my S7 so not sure why you have this issue as the servers run till the end of June plus if on android and you have the latest version of the app it was modified so that the Pebble could be used without the servers when they are shut down.


Mine are still working on my Pebble Time Steel. No problems whatsoever.


Yeh, like I said above, i restarted my watch and everything works again now. Might have been because my watch has never been turned off for months and might be a little bug somewhere that was never fixed.

Ok now though.


I use my watchface, Orbits, all of the time and it’s still working just fine.


Same here, trying to switch watchfaces this morning but only the stock ones works.