Order being shipped on 31 Oct -> NOT RECEIVED


Pebble assigned its (remaining) assets to a new company (here Pebble Tech (Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors), LLC) which then acts as a trustee, selling the assets and paying creditors to the extent there are funds to do so. It is s like bankruptcy but under state law (the bankruptcy laws most people are familiar with are federal laws), with the primary difference being that there is no court involvement in the process.

To the extent that you believe you are owed money by Pebble, you can submit a claim to the Trustee; to the extent there is excess money raised by the sale of the remaining assets over and above the existing debt (there is a hierarchy of types of debt that get paid, with secured creditors being the highest and contingent creditors – for example Pebble owners with working watches within the warranty period – being the lowest), you may get money. I suspect this is highly unlikely, but you can fill out the form and give it a shot.

The proof of claim form is here: http://www.proofofclaims.com/PebbleTech/documents/92


It now shows “file not found”. Can you please tell a bit more about how can we fill the form and submit a claim?


@Alex_P, I have the same case too…and I am from Malaysia too. Please let me know if you were able to get your refund and how.

By the way, I had checked with UPS and their reply as below:-

Thank you for your email and I understand that you would like to know the status of your package. Our tracking system does not show that this package was physically picked up from the shipper’s location. I would suggest contacting the shipper to determine if the shipment was sent as scheduled.

It seem to be Pebble didn’t sent out the watch for shipment.


Hi, has somebody news about this cases? UPS says contact Pebble… please i want my money back… its a lot of money for me. @ShoshTrvls can you help me?


I cannot. Pebble does not exist any more.

All errors are the fault of Siri


Has anybody actually had any luck at all with that claims website?


Till now. Nothing received. Pebble and fitbit both do not want to take responsibility on this issue.


Well, seeing as it’s been almost a year since I started that claim now, the odds of ever getting a working product (or reimbursement of any kind) now are looking rather slim. I guess it’s just a sign of the times that companies can be so volatile and inconsiderate to their customers that they just implode overnight.


Have you received an email like this?

Any backer who believes that he or she has not yet received a refund for any unrewarded product(s), or has any other question related to the Pebble Kickstarter refund program, should file a proof of claim using the Form and Instructions via


In addition to completing the Proof of Claim Form in its entirety, please be sure that your submission includes the following information. Feel free to attach supplemental attachment(s) as necessary.

· Your full name

· Your original email associated with the account (used to make the pledge) along with your current/active email address (if different)

· Your full mailing address

· Refund claim amount

· Explanation and logic pertaining to your refund claim for the unrewarded product(s)

Please mail or fax the completed Proof of Claim to the address/fax number below:

Pebble Tech (assignment for the benefit of creditors), LLC

P.O. Box 391600

Mountain View, CA 94039-1600

650-412-2521 Fax

Thank you, and on behalf of the Pebble organization, your loyal support of the Pebble community and brand is appreciated.