Pebble 2 as traditional HR monitor


I’m now using the “UnderArmer” app (Android version), this app can connect my Pebble2 as a HR monitor.

Now I can have a real time HR record during exercise. :kissing_heart:


Pressing the upper select button once more brings you to the heart rate screen, which shows you the last heart rate score the watch took and how many minutes ago it was taken. The monitor was always within 3 bpm of my manual reading. It also handled high heart rates decently: during a 30-minute run using both the Pebble 2 and the Apple Watch Series 2, Pebble’s monitor was typically within 5 bpm of that on the Apple Watch. The Pebble 2 consistently read my heart rate as lower than the Apple Watch, and it was slow to catch up to Apple’s smartwatch at times. For example, when the Apple Watch showed my heart rate as a steady 180 bpm in the midst of a run, the Pebble 2 took about five to ten seconds to level off at 175 bpm.
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