Pebble 2 battery time should be..?


Hey there, i got a Pebble 2 in replacement of my Pebble Time. It’s great so far, but what seemed promising in terms of battery turned into sh**. First i got like 5days battery. Yesterday i fully charged it and right now it’s going under 50%… I often took it off, could the heartbeat sensor be responsible for this…?


I have two relatively new Pebble 2 HR watches and use one of them every day. I turn it off in the night and have to charge it once in 10 days.The heartbear sensor is “always” active.


What could cause this to happen to me…?


I’ve been wearing a P2HR with HRM enabled for most of the past 8 months, and consistently get between 4 and 5 days of use (I charge when it hits 30 or 20%). I recently disabled the HRM during a 10-day vacation, and found I got just one additional day of battery life during that period (was expecting a little more).


Off topic so i should perhaps create new thread but notification timeout doesn’t seem to work? Last notification shows forever… Until i press buttons.


That’s the expected behaviour with Quiet Time turned on – is it enabled on your watch?


Mine lasts a full 7 days between charges and HR is always on. Has been that way since I received it a few months ago


Fully charged yesterday, it first shows at estimation of 7days and then quickly drop : i have only 60% remaining for a total of 3days again… WTH’s doing this?


My old Pebble Steel has some kind of bug: after I charge it until “full”, the battery ofter drops to 60 or 70% within next minutes. It helps to charge it again until 100% after that.


This is a brand new Pebble 2…


I only take it off when I get in the shower or at work. My record is almost 7 days on at hole charge. The shortest run is 4 days. It depends of cause how much I use it. I think it’s important to uncharged it completely before charging to maximum. This must be done 5 times so the battery is calibrated correctly.


Have you tried doing a factory reset on the watch? Keep in mind that when you repair to your phone, you may have to go back into the Pebble apps and adjust settings (like alarms, newsfeed, etc.).


about once a month or so my PTS battery starts to drop much faster than normal. only last 1 day vs the usual 7-8 days. a factor reset always fixes it and its good for at least another month. I do make sure i charge it up first before doing a reset.