Pebble 2- email notification not working


I purchased a Pebble 2 tonight and cannot get the email notification working properly.I have an iPhone 5S I’ve:

  1. Factory reset watch
  2. Did iOS update to v.10.1.11
  3. Deleted Pebble app and reinstalled

Any other suggestions?


Not sure if I can help as I do not use iOS, but in the spirit of community support: do any notifications work (inbound call, SMS)? Does the “sample” email notification work (under Support->Test Notifications in the Pebble app)? Have you checked your iOS Notification Center settings (as referenced in this help document)?


I let the watch charge overnight and now the email notifications are working. Thank you for your response!


I am looking for help. I cannot sync my calendar to my Pebble Steel, but I can sync everything else.

When I try it says "your code is xxxxx, now go to settings on your smart phone and type it in.

I need more instructions than this - I cannot see what to do where. Can you help please?