Pebble 2 HR water leak


So, my Pebble2 died in a swimming pool.
I have never cared about water damage to my Kickstarter Pebble2 HR and used to swim with it 2-3 times a month in a swimming pool. I also took it to the sea with me 5 times for a short swim.
After a year+ I faced an immediate death during my last swim.
Later I noticed that a side rubber (where buttons are located) became somehow dissolved and a small hole appeared. Shortly the whole lower button dropped out. Here’s a picture a day after.
Battery got swallen and popped up the rear cover.
And guess what… I didn’t find a better watch for me still and bought a new Pebble 2.
I would generally recommend avoid swimming with Pebble.


Me ha pasado igual con mi pebble2