Pebble 2 sold on Amazon UK


Was gutted when Pebble came to an end. Love my first gen watch, but time to replace. I came across the Pebble 2 being sold on Amazon and wanted to be sure they’re either new or genuine -

Do you think it’s a safe purchase?



Don’t worry!

We have same situation here on German Amazon: several (3-4-5) different US companies are currently selling new genuine Pebble watches, the prices are equal or very similar, and very low.

I’ve ordered several watches: Pebble Time, Time Steel, Time Round, and Pebble 2 HR to compare and to choose one or even several. They all were new and genuine. I kept the Pebble 2 HR (and even ordered the 2nd, in different colour) and returned the rest. Absolutely no risk because the orders are being fulfilled by Amazon.

So just do it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reassurance. Will put an order in. I was just surprised there was stock of them. Wonder how many Pebble manufacturered and a shame the other devices never got released.
With battery life, water proofing, dual platform and price, this is by far the best smart watch out there.


I bought Pebble 2 with heart monitor on Amazon three weeks ago. I’m very happy with it.


Time Steel here for the same price: