Pebble 2 (v4.2) won't stay connected to iPhone (5s, iOS 10.1.1)


For Pebble 2 owner, does the Bluetooth LE connection shows up? Or there should only be 1 Bluetooth connection now?


It may be too late to get anyone to fix it now, but I’ve noticed that these Bluetooth dropouts tend to happen when the phone is transitioning on or off WiFi.

Is this anyone else’s experience?


Just a single BT connection.


I’m new here and i had the same problem with my Pebble 2 HR and iPhone 6s (iOS 10.3.1).
My girlfriend also has a pebble 2 and didn’t have this problem, so i compared our settings and i found a solution which seems to work for me:
i do not filter ios notifications in the pebble ios app -> all switches on.
and also let the pebble ios app run in background.
Works with or without weatherinfo on watchface.

Update: also look a this tips: