Pebble 2 Voice Issues/Not Working


I have heard that Pebble have turned off the servers for voice to work. Does anyone know a work around? I use to find this feature very handy in the car,running,swimming etc,but it just doesn’t connect anymore! Are there people that theres are still working? Just want to check that its not an Android O issue. Thanks


FWIW, voice to text has been working fine all day for me (my phone runs Android 7.0).


Oh really?, very strange, i thought they had turned the servers off? It must be Android O issue so, i really hope it is! Still not working for me as of today! Is anyone else on Android O and its working?


I believe it requires a connection such as wifi or data to use the voice features, so just checking that you have one turned on?


It works fine for me. Voice Note + iPhone 5s + iOS 10


You need Android Wear running. Check on that, and if you have the update. I just factory reset my phone, and worried it would break Pebble, but it didn’t. And yes, the voice feature works just fine.

But the Android Wear app stops running all the time. That’s likely related to your problem. Perhaps reinstall Android Wear.

Hope this helps.


I’ve just bought “Snowy” the only command he responds is the whether forecast. If I ask him for anything else he just say “å åå”. Any body know why? I’ve paid for an app that don’t work👎


Me too ((((


thats stange it is working for me thought!
i am using iphone 8 plus and ios11
UC Browser SHAREit MX Player