Pebble 2 with (and watch icon) Loop


Hello Dear Pebblers… Pebble Guys and Girls…? Whatever

I buy today a second hand pebble 2 for 22€ (~27$) and the pebble stuck in a Loop (i know that before i buy it).
How can i solve this problem?

I Tried…

Hold Down (The Circles showed up for 2-3 Seconds and boom, back to the same loop)
Hold Back, Up, Select (It resets? nothing important happend)
Deinstall the app, turn the Bluetooth (phone) off
Lie in the corner and cry

Can somebody help me please?
Greets from Vienna :slight_smile:


It is simple.Hold the entry key about 5 seconds, and u can see something like this “v4.0.1-prf6”,then open the app on you phone ,it’s ok !I am a chinese,i hope u can understand what do i mean.


yeah, that worked… in some way… or not
The Code v4.0 - prf4 showed up and after ~15 the black screen with the White Pebble logo come back.
My Phone can´t find the watch


No help ;( ?