Pebble 2 won't boot


My new Pebble 2 has been working well for the past two weeks.
Today I went to re-pair it with iPhone and it went into “Recovery Mode” with the screen displaying ""
I visited that site and learned I was to do a 3 button restart which would reset the watch.
I did the restart, watched the progress bar move across the screen and now I have a similar display on the screen saying “” but that’s all.
None of the buttons will function and so I have lost the ability to set up Bluetooth and pair the watch with my phone.
It’s just an expensive bracelet at present!

I’ve looked thru the options on that web site but they all assume that the menus are operational on the watch.

Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can get my Pebble 2 to boot back to the main menu so I can pair it PLEASE???



It has been a while since you posted. Did you ever get a solution for this. I just ran into the same problem this evening. Thanks!



Hi Ron,
Just read your post.
I finished up going back to the instruction sheet and treated it like it was a brand new watch and initialized it from there.
It’s still working well!


Paul, can you please share a link to the instruction sheet for a ‘new watch’? I have a Pebble Steel and stuck in the same loop. Thanks a lot.


Here are the instructions that came with my Pebble/2.

I hope you can make them work for yours too.

If you still are having difficulties, you might try

There is quite a lot of useful information there too.

Good luck!