Pebble alternative


I have been looking at alternatives to the great pebble and I came across a watch called Weloop I think it was on Banggood or Aliexpress. One thing I liked about it was waterproof to 20mtr and 7 day battery life and the price about $200 AUS. Let me know your comments.


There are a lot from that brand it looks like. Which one are you looking at?


My Pebble is still going strong but I suppose it will go at some time and then I will buy. It was the Hey S3 I was looking at and it is waterproof to 50mtr so they say and 30 day max life.


Hey, that does look pretty nice. If you do get it, tells us what you think!


Might keep your eyes on ZeTime by MyKronoz. I supported this Kickstarter project, and am impressed by mine. Not perfect yet, but Pebble also needed refinement at first. (Now, Pebble now is gold standard for me, to which other smartwatches are compared, including Apple Watch series 2, which I own.) I don’t want to mislead with “glowing” review.

Battery life actually seems better than Pebble (and that is nothing to sneeze at! 10 to 14 days for smart functions!).

Mobile app needs a little more work (for IOS. Can’t speak for Android version.). Notifications are working for me, but dismissing them doesn’t seem to be noticed on iPhone. It still shows them after I have “dismissed” them. On mine, vibration is weak, but that may, or may not be the norm. Other users have reported “Crazy good” vibrations. I have contacted MyKronoz about this and am awaiting response.

Another thing to keep eyes on is battery issues on iPhone (which may be an Apple issue). Mine seems to use iPhone battery what I consider a bit fast. But ZeTime battery is still really good!

Also, they have had an extremely unfortunate shipping issue, that seems to be gradually resolving itself.