Pebble and Endomondo


I’d settled on Endomondo as my running app over the last year or two. As January 1, 2018 approached and passed, like most of us, I suppose, I’ve accepted the reality of the gradual deprecation of valued functionality in my Pebble watches. In this case, I may have reached the point where I need to move on. It took me a few days to realize it, but my Pebble watch no longer controls Endomondo. I can no longer start/pause/stop from my watch, and the Pebble app no longer automatically appears on my watch whenever I fire up the app on my Note 5. I also noticed the Endomondo Android app was recently changed significantly, probably to better reflect the new Under Armour acquisition.

Before I spend too much time troubleshooting this, researching an alternative to Endomondo that still works, or gasp looking into our more modern smartwatches, I figured I’d throw up this post in case anybody has a thought.


Time to move on.

I ordered an Amazfit Bip. Hope it works out for me. I also know there’s $50 off the Fitbit Ionic for Pebblers:


I really really don’t want to give up yet (oo,butlookatthisshinythingoverhere!).


Mike, if you are an Android user, you can check out JayPS, a standalone GPS app, and then later upload the tracks to Endomondo either manually or using a sync service like Tapiriik.


Good suggestion, thanks. I’m going to play with it today, and test it out on my run tomorrow. Hopefully, this extends the useful life of my two Pebbles.


The Android and Pebble apps look good, but I’m struggling with getting it to work. On either the phone or the watch, if I click Start (Up button on the Pebble), nothing seems to happen… The Duration/timer doesn’t start. I’m thinking that I’m missing some aspect of how this works, but I can’t find any instructions anywhere.


The Pebble servers will run until june 30 plus I did hear that Endomondo no longer supports Pebble so that would be why it’s not working anymore.


By yesterday I used endomondo version 17.12.1, but yesterday the endomondo application disappeared from my pebble. Is there any way to get it back?


Mine vanished too!

Can’t find it in Pebble app-listing, either.