Pebble android app huge battery drain


The Pebble app doesn’t fully work under Android O DP3. Most common issue seems to be difficulty with initial set up after a watch reset, but I’ve seen a couple of other reports of unreasonably heavy CPU/battery usage. Maybe it’ll be fixed in DP4.


I am also having an issue with battery drain. However it’s only happened recently, I’m not sure if there’s been an update for the pebble app or not but either way it wasn’t having an issue last month. I haven’t been paying attention much but it’s really only been about a week or so set of actually notice it’s draining my battery heavily. I can usually last a whole day without having to charge my phone, but just today I’ve had to recharge my phone fully three times. It’s starting to become an issue that I can’t keep dealing with. If anyone has any insight this would be greatly appreciated. I really like my watch I can’t have the app draining my power like this cuz I rely my phone a lot. I don’t want you just uninstall the application because I can’t use the watch functions if I don’t have the application on my phone. As far as I know anyway.


Phone I have is a Samsung Avant and it is running Android 4.4.2…


Same here! Everything was fine on OPP3 (android o) until a few days ago. I know there was an issue on opp2 where the pebble app wouldn’t open but that was fixed in opp3. I’ve been running preview 3 since it was released 30 days ago but the battery issue just started about 2 days ago. Now pebble sits at 100% and kills the phone battery in a few hours. There was an update to Android Wear around the time it started happening so I tried uninstalling android wear but that didn’t help. Can’t think of anything else that changed. Maybe something on the pebble server side?


I had the Pebble app running for a long while without any issue whatsoever, just didn’t opened it as I didn’t had a need to install new watchface or app. Today, I opened the app to check the app version as someone said to me he was experiencing huge phone battery drain caused by Pebble app, after opening the app now my phone has the same issue.

Fortunately, installing a previous version of the Pebble app did it for me, here’s a link to version 4.2.1-xxx if anyone wants it :

The version I had before was 4.4.0-xxx, which was the latest version available on Play Store for my device. As someone else said, reinstalling the app or logging out and back in didn’t fixed anything on 4.4.0.

Phone is back to normal now, and as of now I can’t see anything missing or not working. Let’s hope we’ll be able to use our Pebble for a long time.


I figured out that the battery drain is related to some sort of communication with the pebble servers. If I turn off mobile data and wifi the pebble app stops going crazy. Looking through the pebble logs I see errors on some of the http requests:

Pbl: [HttpRequestUtil] printResponse: status code = 403, message = Forbidden
Pbl: [PebbleSyncAdapter] Empty result for

I tried enabling the offline mode introduced in the last update and that did the trick. No more drain! If anything my battery lasted longer today. And we’ll all need to do this soon enough when the servers really do go down. Only loss of functionality I’ve noticed is that weather is gone.



Great info, thanks! Hopefully this is a simple permissions issue that can be corrected (since it’s a long way to the end of 2017). @orviwan, do you know who to ping?


how do i enable offline mode? the app is killing my battery!
now i need to charge my googlepixel twice a day. O.O


It was a little tricky,I had to install an app called “Open Link With…” from the store because chrome was hijacking the pebble: links. After installing that app highlight the entire link and pick ‘Share’, in the share list select the ‘open link with’ app you just installed. It should open pebble and you’re done. pebble://custom-boot-config-url/offline


I had this problem, too: the (new) Pebble App was the most battery-hungry app on my Smartphone (40%+).
Now I have deleted my account info, and everything is fine again: power consumption of the pebble app is clearly under 2% (today even 0.65% so far).


Pebble app is no good on Android O your lucky it was working at all you will need to roll back to Android 7 if you want it to work properly again.


oops… so did you try it? Perhaps on the Pixel with Android O beta?..
What exactly is not working (if “I am lucky” and the app works at all) ??

P.S. we should continue this discussion here: Pebble App and the Android "O" (8.0)


Since setting the latest version of the pebble app to offline mode, I’ve noticed that my “messages” app for sms/mms is now my leading cause of battery drain. I send maybe 1-2 texts a day, all my communication is done via telegram which is at the bottom of my battery list.

I am using a pixel on Android O DP3 and I use Signal as my sms app, which is why it’s especially weird to see messages at the top of my usage.

Edit: just disabled messages and I’m still able to receive sms and mms through signal, so I guess it isn’t a necessary app.


I also observed a continuous CPU drain (only 0.2%) on my Android 6 due to the Pebble services. I’ve tried disconnecting the Pebble and also the offline mode. But the battery drain still persists. I am going to uninstall the app and try it for a few days.


Unfortunately, this is our future as pebble users. The app will become more and more deprecated as the time goes by… And we gonna be affected by weird behaviors like this battery drain. If the offiline mode workaround really work, there’s a hope. Today I noticed a huge drain of this app on DP4, and I ended up uninstalling it to troubleshoot the issue and as I expected, the drain is gone. I’m probably gonna test the 4.2 version with offline mode on, this should do the trick, right?


I was having massive battery drain as well with android O, unticking the monitor health option in the app seems to have fixed it with all my other options the same. If been off charge for about 3 hours now and pebble is still registering 1% battery usage, where recently that would be over 10 or 20% by now.


Actually I take it back, it lasted most of a day not really using any battery then in the evening it went back to high load.

I’m editing this because it has stopped again, it seems that the battery is really low most of the time now with the health part switched off but every so often spikes (maybe just in the evening?).


For me, uninstalling the official app and installing gadgetbridge ended the crazy batterie drop. This is a major change in power consumption (half less at least). The weather seem to work on watchface who use it, I dont know for the timeline yet.


Thx for the tip. I didn’t knew gadgetbridge. I think this is the way to go since pebble app is losing support as the time passes. At least this app is being updated from time to time.


As a newbie in the pebble world, I don’t see too much problem so far, and there is a solution on F-droid website to have Weather info on watchfaces on pebble classic and steel who don’t have a native weather app.

Pro : works pretty well and have many updates to come. No battery drain. Health info import available.

Cons : you have to download on the official website app and watchface you want to use in dev mode and install them but it’s well explained on the official website. Some of watchface doesn’t seem to work properly (no tweaking but still display time and basic informations).