Pebble android app huge battery drain


As a newbie in the pebble world, I don’t see too much problem so far, and there is a solution on F-droid website to have Weather info on watchfaces on pebble classic and steel who don’t have a native weather app.

Pro : works pretty well and have many updates to come. No battery drain. Health info import available.

Cons : you have to download on the official website app and watchface you want to use in dev mode and install them but it’s well explained on the official website. Some of watchface doesn’t seem to work properly (no tweaking but still display time and basic informations).


I am having no luck with gadgetbridge…I lose connection on DP4 every 5 minutes and it never auto-reconnects. The app also just closes periodically, which is the end of any attempt at auto-management.


Do you still have the “official” Pebble app installed? In my experience (a bit outdated, and on Android 6), the Pebble app periodically knocks Pebble-GadgetBridge connection offline.


Working just fine here, also DP4. It never disconnects, unless when I’m too far from the phone of course. The only issue I can notice is that notifications are showing replicated in the watch, when someone sends me a message for example.


We’re aware of battery usage issues affecting certain users who are running the Pebble app on Android O developer previews. A fix is being tested internally and we hope to release this more widely soon.


I have the pebble app frozen with Titanium Backup.


I’m getting the same double notification issue. One notification I think is just the basic one and the second allows me to do wear options. Like archive, snoozing etc


Pebble App and the Android "O" (8.0)
Pebble 2 & Android O BETA

Thanks a lot, the icon of wartchface and watchapp are back!!!