Pebble app and latest iOS - does it work?


So I’ve just about had it with being hounded by my iPhone that a new iOS is out - does the Pebble app still work with the new iOS??



If I had it to do over, I would not have installed IOS 11. Bluetooth has been awful in my car, and flakey with my PTS, and with my ZeTime. Battery life plummetted. I am running most current update (IOS 11.2.6) and really wish I could turn back the clock and keep IOS 10.

Voice replies from Pebble Time Steel always worked before update. Now they occasionally work.

I have also gotten more scam imessages (“Microsoft says your email is compromised”, and “You have won $500”,) since update, but I am not sure if that is related to IOS 11 or not. I never got those before IOS update.


I was having trouble with my phone dropping connection with my Pebble 2 when I first upgraded to iOS 11. Things have been better lately, not sure if that is due to updates with the OS or getting a new phone. Other than that, it have been solid and I haven’t had issues.


I have a Pebble 2 and an iPhone SE. The connection is flaky, from times to times (sometimes twice a day) I have to manually connect by opening bluetooth option on the watch. Other than that it works fine.


You’re not the only one:


If you are having problems you should delete the pairing on both the Pebble and the iPhone and then pair as new. Running iOS 11.2.6 on iPhone 8 with Pebble Time Steel and it has consistently been just fine. All the more reason for dismay come June as functionality ebbs even more that it already has…


I’m still using my Pebble 2 HR with the latest iOS, and there’s no problem for me yet. App loads, shows health data, loads watch faces.


Still working fine? I just tried this. My iOS is up to date and I’ve been manually reconnecting @ least a dozen times/day.


Just disconnected again.


Pebble Time (all 3 of mine) having this issue.


Honestly mine is completely stable. Pebble continues to show notifications. I do not use timeline or any third party app data. I can continue to select the displayed watch face from the iOS app. Pebble Firmware v4.3 and iOS app 4.4.