Pebble app & iOS 11


Has anyone tested the iOS Pebble app on the beta iOS 11 that’s been released?


The app works but there are problems with the notifications. Its a bug with IOS beta as Garmin devices have the same problem.


Thanks… let’s hope they fix it! I assume the app is 64 bit…


Hi I am beta tester for iOS and the pebble app is 32 bit and 64 bit devices and the app is stable but is a little bit slower


I am also a public beta tester and besides a bluetooth bug with IOS 11 beta the pebble app works fine.


if the pebble app is 32-bit, then it should not work in IOS 11, correct?

"As Apple warned users with iOS 10.3, iOS 11 officially drops support for 32-bit applications. Any 32-bit app will refuse to launch and instead show an alert pressuring the developer to release a 64-bit update. Older iPhones and iPads with 32-bit CPUs cannot update to iOS 11 at all

So I am curious how it works, and if this is the case, i assume fitbit will not update it to 64-bit.


did some more digging and found this
"Pebble app is arm64 architecture. Should be ok !"
So it looks like it is 64 bit??


The Pebble binary is definitely a “fat” binary. See this comment thread, and this one from an ex-Pebbler.


32-bit apps are greyed out in IOS 11. The pebble app is not greyed out and works fine, but I’ll post on the forums if this changes.


I now have IOS 11 public beta 3. The pebble app is still working.


Good news! Thanks for the update.


The app “works” but a big issue for me is that the secondary bluetooth connection gets dropped basically the first time the watch is out of BT range to the phone. Re-connecting is a pain - have to delete all connections - phone/watch… - and reconnect. Or, just go without certain functions - location, sleep tracking, etc etc.

What works - basic watch, timer(s), alarm, text/message display, random apps such as run/walk “workout”…

Useful, sure, but a “smart” watch it is not.


Losing location is not good. What notifications do I lose with no LE?? How about passing requests to the web for weather?



Apple released IOS 11 public beta 6 earlier this week. The pebble app still works.


Ok, were only a couple weeks away from the release of IOS 11 and all those other Apple goodys, and the Pebble app is still supported, so if it becomes an app that is no longer supported, it probably won’t be (entirely) Apple’s fault.


Any confirmation this is still the case with the official iOS 11 update?


Yes, it still works fine. I don’t think that iOS 11 is out for everyone else yet though. It comes out on the 19th. I’m not sure why I got it early, but it’s possible that I get it because I helped beta test iOS 11.


Everythig works perfectly fine on ios 11 golden Edition for the public and my pebble watch round. Like @RubikOwl mentioned. No connection bug finally


My watch has connection problems, but it’s always been that way since I got my iPhone. :frowning:


Sorry, I would like to re-confirm. You are saying that you had the pebble reconnection issue with earlier IOS 11 versions, but you have it no more with the golden master version? If so, really great news & thanks!