Pebble app not wokring


Hey guys and gals…lol

So I just got a pebble classic as I have always wanted to try one, and so I recently bought one. My problem is the app does not work so I cant use my pebble! I am using an android phone-oneplus 3t-and pressing login just freezes the app before it gives me an option to join forum, cloud and help. It wont connect to my pebble? My pebble says connected in my bluetooth bar but the app does nothing! Any help would be amazing!


NVM, so I decided to try out the new app…man im dumb. I just assumed that since it said this app works withteh classic that I was okay, so lol!


There are two Pebble Smartwatch apps, Pebble, and Pebble “Old”. Try the Pebble “Old.”