Pebble - Backup all application (regarding to the end of the support on June 2018)


Regarding to the end of the support (June 2018) is any chance how download all applications as offline backup from site for later personal using? I mean apps which will not needs cooperate with servers etc. just pebble vs mobile

Know somebody how?



I think it’s been done here: Pebble Junkies


If you’d rather not download from a third-party website, you can still download the PBW files directly from the official Pebble App Store directly. Just search for the app you want to download, then add ?dev_settings=true to the end of the URL for that app page. At the bottom of the new page you should then see a “Download PBW” link that you can click on to download it.


Great. Thanks.
Just a small note: in most cases, there are already URL parameters, so &dev_settings=true should be added to the end of the URL.