Pebble firmware update


Saw the android app updated, with the message of a new firmware(to temove cloud dependency). Has anyone had a chance to test it out yet?

Want to make sure it doesn’t ruin my currently functioning watch


Updated Android app, but no message about a new firmware for my Pebble Time. :no_mouth:


Still nothing over 14 hours later. I assume they are waiting to make sure as many as possible updates brfore they release the update.

But then again, they may have found a last minute bug they couldn’t fix in 10 minutes


As I understand there is no firmware update. Cloud dependency is linked to Pebble app and not watch firmware. I really hoped for a firmware update because the P2 still has lots of connectivity problems. I guess we still might receive firmware update before Pebble team completely abandons their work. Or maybe this was their last update more likely.
The firmware they mentioned is just so to let the users know that last Pebble app contains latest firmware updates. If your watch does not already have latest firmware it will be updated and that’s just it. They did not say they made a new firmware update, just that it contains the latest one.
That is how understand it.


I did the Android update the other day. I haven’t noticed any issues. I’m showing the watch (PTS) running v4.3 and my Android running 4.4.0-1403-50a615912-endframe with a date of April 4, 2017.


I have the Pebble Time, great watch! My question is, is it safe to download the newest 4.4 update for the Pebble app? I’m afraid the new update might mess with my watch. Thanks.


I updated my app to 4.4 two days ago, have not noticed any difference to my Pebble Time.


I actually lost the weather app after the update…


In android app 4.4 I can’t see thumbnails of watchfaces or apps any more…Every one of them is showing as missing image even though they are all functional.
I can change faces and use apps no problem.
I uninstalled app, reinstalled lower version still no dice. Same happens on my work phone too.
Does anyone have similar issue or any advice here?



Nope it doesn’t


It a problem with the servers but doesn’t affect functionality


Does anyone know what won’t be functioning when the servers go down?