Pebble Interaction With Android 7.1 Question



I am currently using a Pebble 2 connected to a Nexus 5X running Android 7.0. I’ve had no issues with operation between the two at the current time.
My phone has been indicating that Android 7.1 beta is available, and I’m considering taking the plunge. Prior to doing that, I wanted to see if anyone else in the community is running Android 7.1 and if so, if they have encountered any issues between it and their Pebble. It would be preferable if it was someone using a Nexus 5X or 6P that is running the Android 7.1 beta (though I would guess someone using a Pixel or Pixel XL would also be beneficial).
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I have a N6P with 7.1 and it seems to be fine. I should note that I do not use any of the health features, mainly just notifications and a few simple apps.

The only issue I’ve had is once every few days my watch and phone will disconnect when the phone has not been picked up for a while (Yes, I do have Pebble blocked out from the battery optimization thing). When this happens I have to go into the Pebble app and disconnect/reconnect for it to work again.


@bobhwasatch I appreciate the feedback. Have you noticed any other glaring issues with 7.1?


my phone is Pixel XL with android 7.1
I have a Pebble time with standby mode enabled.
the bluetooth won’t auto reconnect after long idle


@Chang: Ah, that may be what I’m seeing as well. I also have standby enabled. Forgot about it.
@Scott_Fringer: I haven’t noticed any serious issues with 7.1 itself if that’s what you are asking.


Thanks @bobhwasatch - that’s more what I was after; though knowing of any impact to the Pebble integration was important as well.
I’m going to make the leap and install the beta.


I’m running Nexus 5x with 7.1.1 dp and just recently setup up a time round. The built in Sms doesn’t even show as an option and actionable notifications are not working for anything except Gmail (with wear installed). So that seems like a problem.


Where are you expecting SMS to show as an option? I get my SMS notifications just fine, but I’m using Hangouts for SMS.

The only SMS setting I have is in the Pebble “Settings” menu to disable built-in SMS notifications. It does not show in the app list (within the Pebble app). I think that’s normal.

Not sure why actionable notifications aren’t working for you. Might be an issue with permissions. Did you give it the permissions it requested when you installed it?


Sorry, this has been clarified further over the past day with a little back and forth with support. I can get sms working fine, but with every sms (that I have tried so far) other than the stock Google Messenger and all apps that rely on android wear notification support do not show actionable replies (others do, such as skype that has its own built in support). I previously had an android wear watch so everything is setup correct and I went over everything again, reinstalled, reset, etc. There is some kind of software disconnect between Android wear and some apps. Though it may not have anything to do with 7.1.1 beta, but the apps themselves or pebbles apps. A deep search around reddit too showed this to be a problem with phones that have the most recent versions of some of these apps.


I have never done any setup of Android Wear. It is installed, but I never set anything up. I think that is the case for most Pebble users. I wonder if having set it up is somehow causing the issue. Just a thought, probably not correct :sunglasses:


Actually you are probably correct, but even clearing data, uninstall, restart phone and reinstall didn’t fix it. But I think by having android wear adjust functioning the wearable notifier is already different somehow got the phone system, that’s why I think it might have something to do with how 7.1.1 handles it.


the most stable connection i got from pebble time with android is 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 kitkat.

android 7 on pebble time has bluetooth issues.


So what should we do with new phones???