Pebble iOS App size


Hi, my app is taking around 1.3GB of storage, I was wondering where does it come from and what can I do about it ?


Pebble App Memory Footprint on iOS

The only way to get rid of documents and data on iPhones is to delete the app and reinstall it. Painful yes


But what is taking so much space ?

William Simetin-Grenon said:
But what is taking so much space ?
They may be small, but watchfaces and apps start adding up and taking space too.


I have 2 watchfaces and 4 installed app and it still take 1.4GB…


@William_Simetin-Gren, here’s the reply I received from Pebble support:

From the description you have provided, it sounds like there may be an issue with the app cache on your iPhone.

To correct this, could you uninstall, then re-install the Pebble app on your iPhone?

Please note, this will mean losing the Pebble Health data on your phone.

This should correct the issue you are experiencing, but if it does not, please let us know and we will be sure to assist you further.

I followed these instructions and my Pebble app is now 68.6 MB. I did lose my health data, but any data that I had synced with Apple HealthKit is retained in the iOS Health app. My watchfaces and watchapps remained installed and reappeared after reinstalling the Pebble Time app. The biggest downside is that I did have to reset watch app settings and my notification settings in the Pebble Time app.


The release notes for the Pebble Time phone app state that "for all Pebble models running Firmware 3.13 or higher:

  • Fixed a logging issue experienced by some users, resulting in the app using up a lot of device storage."


ok, this is crazy. I just learned that my Pebble Time App was talking up 17.0GB of storage. 17GB!!! The latest firmware update did nothing to reduce the size, so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. The new size is 68MB with all of my watchfaces. Really?! The app was storing over 16GB of “stuff?” Glad this worked - but as I said, this is crazy.


new app not supported to pebble classic watch,every time it shows updates pending after updation it shows screen