Pebble Screen Issue


Since a month the notifications appear like the photo… Someone can tell me how to fix it? I just tried all that I know: uninstall the app, do a factory reset of the pebble and after 5 or 6 times that it perfectly works it always returns like that! Please help me, I don’t want to leave my pebble


Looks like screen tearing. There are several Posts regarding this issue. Try this Link Screen messed up



This probably doesn’t help, but get a Pebble Time Steel. I absolutely love this watch. No problems whatsoever.


No more pebble! They are so good but they are dead… I’ll take a gear S2 or an amazfit pace


The display seems to make bad contact as the first Pebble. Try to find info on the forums on the way to fix it. It was a well known problem.