Pebble steel don't love the sun?


My pebble steel is only 3 weeks, and work fine. Except today : I stayed 25 minutes eating outside with the sun on me but not that hot (maybe 30° celsius, not much). I tried to access to my timeline and the display went crazy : lines, glitchs, compressed informations (3 timeline info insted of 2). Very scary for a new product.

The display went normal after 2 or 3 minutes in the shadow. Did you experienced the same problem on pebble steel as quick as me under the sun ?


I gues this is the “old known” Pebble screen issue which may affect also the Pebble Steel : Pebble steel screen problems


Sounds like screen tearing but haven’t heard of it on the PTS and I have had my PTS out in the sun for hours with no probs at all.


Have you updated the firmware on the watch? If you are saying that your watch was new out of the box, you might need to update the firmware. If I recall correctly, there were some firmware issues that affected the screen and will fixed later on. It depends on how new you watch is considering Pebble stop making product a while back. It could be a 1st Generation Steel as well that could have production line flaws. My original Pebble now does what you are saying but that is after 5 years of having the watch.


I’ve bought my Pebble Steel new with the plastic film on it but maybe its an old product who stayed years in the shop… The firmware is OK, the watch made it one more time later and not at all this week. I guess I could live with that, but I think I’m going to have the same well know issues soon or later.

Maybe I just need to buy some more to have stock for the next 10 year :wink: