Pebble Steel Keeps Crashing


My Pebble Steel keeps crashing in the past 2 months. If I press a few buttons the screen will clear and work for while, then the screen display will all break up just become unreadable. I’ve tried to use the default watch faces , or factory reset. But it still happens.
Need some help, thanks.


You could try this


This is a known issue with the first generation Pebble watches. My PS had it and I had it replaced under warranty before Pebble folded.

None of the fixes worked for me. My replacement PS has been working fine, but the battery life has gone down from a solid 6 days to 4 days. So I decided to replace it with a Pebble Time Steel refurb I bought through Amazon for ~$80. I get a solid 7 days and sometimes 8 days out of this battery before it hits 10% remaining and I charge it.

I love the PTS. I’m not aware of any display issues the PT series have. So I only expect to see the battery decay over time. I’m very tempted to buy another PTS and store it for the day my current PTS battery bites the dust.