Pebble Steel overriding iPhone on notifications?



I have a Pebble Steel and I am having a problem that I need help to figure out. When I have my phone on vibrate and in the lock screen, I will get a vibrate notification on my Pebble Steel watch but, on my iPhone 6, the screen does not light up with the notification nor does it vibrate. If you press the “home” key, the notification is there but you would not notice it since the vibrate did not work on the phone, only on the Pebble. I have checked that my Pebble is not in silent mode (i.e. will vibrate) and the notifications work fine on the phone when not in lock screen. Even taking the iPhone off of vibrate only does not solve the issue on the lock screen. Any ideas on what to try? THis seems to be a new issue. I have had the Pebble with the iphone for a while and don’t recall this problem



Is your phone set to DO NOT DISTURB? In control panel it is called NIGHTSHIFT.