Pebble stops showing notifications


I noticed this happened when I changed my watchface in my Pebble 2 (I choose Fourier), but it may be just a coincidence.
Now I am receiving notifications again (let’s see if it lasts). What I did:
in the Pebble app I went in the notifications page, and for each app listed I tapped on the 3 dots on the rigth and choose the last voice that in Italian is “azzera preferenza”, something like delete preferences.


Yes! This! It’s the only suggestion that seems to work for me (apart from rebooting the phone). I’ve assigned Airplane Mode to a Quick Launch button so that I can easily turn it on/off whenever I notice notifications stuck on my phone. Which is a few times a day…


I’ve been having this same issue for about a month or so, at least every morning, and finally reported it to Pebble after doing my own troubleshooting. (I found that shutting down and restarting the watch solved it.)

I heard back from Pebble that they are aware of the issue and are working on a solution. They said it was related to apps crashing, though I’m not sure which app(s) they are referring to… perhaps the Pebble mobile app.



Same for me, Z3c. Having problems since Pebble OS v4. I can reboot the phone to get notifications again. After some random time notifications are broken…


I have been suffering from the same problem - intermitent failure of watch to display notifications (email, sms, even phone calls). Really frustrating because I can no longer trust the watch to act as an extension of my phone. .Happily, the watch continues to work faultlessly as “trusted device” on Android Smart Lock.

Pebble Time Steel - Firmware 4.3
Pebble App 4.3.0-1355-904fed2
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803 running Android 6.01)


I changed watchface yesterday and noticed that notifications stopped straight away. Coincidence?


I don’t think it is coincidence. I changed to a different watchface a few days ago, and haven’t had a stuck notification since then. I was using TH4; now I’m using Minimalin.


Interesting. I was using Timestyle and changed to Sliding time weather, which seemed to work and now experimenting with Street. I wondered if the display of the health info might have been relevant but I see that your troublesome watchface did not display health info, so maybe not that. All we can do is keep monitoring.


Same Problem here
i send several Logs to Support and the problem wosn’t solevd with the 4.3
So now? Support closed??

Xperia z3 compact, android 6.x (newerst official) and pebble time… :frowning:


Since I won’t be getting the Pebble Time 2 I ordered and other Pebbles seem to be unsupported, I just went and got myself a Samsung Gear S3. Hopefully I didn’t just transfer problems to another device. At least Samsung still supports their watch :slight_smile:


Well…That was it

I seems the problem will stay forever? :frowning:


So strange that so many have this problem but we’re unable to spot the… trend here. Mine is behaving to erratic.


Notifications stopped several times yesterday with the new watchface, sigh.


I am amazed that so many of us use Sony Xperia Z3 Compact though :joy:


Now I didn’t get notifications to my new Gear S3. As I was thinking the problem might to be with the Sony Z3 Compact instead of Pebble Time or Samsung Gear S3. Of course it has happened only once with Gear S3 so far.

Has anyone sent questions to Sony about these bluetooth problems?


Do u go to notification access setting to check the device?


The weirdest part of this is how sudden it was. I’ve had zero problems with my Pebble in two years - literally, never had a notification not appear on the watch unless I was out of range - including most of this year on the Z3 Compact.

I just put Pebble and Android Wear onto the “Not Optimised” list and it’s made the problem much, much worse. Now it only manages ten to twenty minutes before needing the connection reset.

I’ve found this thread on the Sony forum which all but confirms both that it’s a Sony problem with 6.0.1 and that certain faces can handle the connection problems better than others.


Interesting about the not optimised list: totally the opposite to what you’d expect!

I have been monitoring the apparent connection with which watchface is being used. I’ve had sliding time weather on my watch for 4 days and notifications have been coming through fine. This is the longest time yet I’ve had notifications working! Previously when notifications stopped, I discovered that it seemed to be all communication from the pebble app not just notifications because when the notifications stopped I could not change watchface via them app either. Thanks for that link pineapplecharm…going to check it out now!


I don’t want to get over excited but I appear to have fixed this issue with a “Software repair” via Xperia Companion.

In chat with Sony support they said, in brief:

You can download this here:
Open Xperia Companion and go to Software Repair. At this point there will be some on screen steps for you to follow, please do not connect the handset until you are prompted to do so.

Just to be clear, I agree with other posters that this issue came after the 6.0.1 OTA update and an on-board factory reset (in fact two) did not resolve it. Using Xperia Companion appears to have cleared it up completely.

It’s a full factory reset, so I had to reinstall everything, but very much worth it to have my Pebble back to its old self. Hope this helps someone else.


I, perhaps stupidly, updated my Android Wear app and now notifications keep stopping again.They had been pretty reliable with this watchface up until the update. I may have to work out how to roll back to the previous version. sigh
First I’ll look at the Xperia companion service though.