Pebble stuck on firmware update / initial setup


Today I finally got my brand new Pebble 2 + HR from Amazon.

Since I’m the owner of Pebble Classic of 1st generation, I had Pebble app installed on my Android (7.1) phone.
So I tried connect Pebble 2 to Pebble app but it stuck on 0% on firmware upgrade, that I have
"Your pebble is in factory mode and needs an update" message and finally
"Something went wrong, try again" on phone and “Update failed” on Pebble.

I did each kind of reset (delete and re-install phone app, delete old and new pebble from paired devices, reboot everything) but it didn’t help.

Also I see that link points to nothing

It redirects me to but the page couldn’t be displayed.

So as I know Pebble shut down it’s manufacturing, may be the servers are not accessible too and that’s why I can’t download firmware for pebble.

Please, help me deal with this issue.


I’ve read reports of new device setup failure, but I don’t know any clear explanation of the problem-- it seems like some combinations of phone & Pebble don’t like each other. I would first try to set it up using another Android device, then switch back to your main handset. This works for many people, but not everyone. If you don’t have another droid available, you could install GadgetBridge (via F-Droid), and use it to install the current P2 firmware binary (grab it from this link). If that works, maybe you can try the official Pebble app again.