Pebble Time and iPhone X


I don’t seem able to access apps or watchfaces on the pebble app on my iPhone X

The watch and phone connect fine and notifications work but when I click on a watchfaces in the app it tells me there is a Server Connection Issue


Reboot phone and watch. If that works, reboot IOS app at least 1ce a day. If reboot does not work, you are possibly hosed.

I ordered an X, so appreciate your post. It won’t be here until Dec 1 or so. If it does not work with a pebble, it may have to go back to the barn…


Hey so I worked it out, I restored my old phone backup and for whatever reason that meant I couldn’t access watch faces or apps.

Deleted the pebble app and reinstalled it from scratch and it works fine now!

Thankfully as I don’t want a different Smartwatch :slight_smile:


I also restored a backup onto my X. I had to reboot the my Pebble Steel (well, it decided to do that spontaneously), and there were a couple of hiccups in reinstalling the watch apps, just “failed” messages on the watch, but all eventually came good and is working fine.


Well, I got the X. Watch won’t pair with phone. Stood on head, chanted, rebooted both tried differing patterns of latter etc. Nada. Don’t want to give up on pebble. Foo.

Ok, got it working. Had to reboot to recovery mode. See and

Lost my setup, but now it’s working. Sigh.


I can’t seem to send/receive texts from my Pebble Steel.

I had a SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 until 2 days ago, when I changed to the iPhone X.

I was able to reply to texts using canned messages and voice to text on my Pebble with the Galaxy, but not with the iPhone.

I also had a Pebble App called TEXTER that was wonderful for the Galaxy. Can’t find it now that I’m on the iPhone.

I REALLY like my Pebble and would like to keep using it.

Can anyone help?


If you search this forum for “IOS 11 broken Voice”, you will find that it broke all voice apps for most (if not all) PTS watches. IOS 11.2 gets much better battery life for iPhone, but no improvements to use of Voice apps on Pebble.

I’m hoping future IOS updates will fix the use of microphone on Pebble, but not sure if voice apps will continue to work after 2018 since (I believe) it depends on an external server that may stop working when FitBit pulls the plug on all Pebble servers. I’m not even sure if this forum will continue.

For now, (from what I have read here on this forum) I believe anything NOT depending on an external server will continue to work after 2018 (notifications, time & date, pedometer, HR monitor) but after 2018, I expect weather, and all voice apps to stop working for IOS AND Android.

I really hope I am wrong. Can developers out there shed light on whether or not they can create a new Pebble server that can take the place of Pebble’s (FitBit’s) servers after 2017 ends?


How we can install mobile-phone-tracker on this phone?