Pebble Time Round - Backlight stopped working


I have a Pebble Time Round and have been happy with it until now.
Suddenly, the backlight has stopped working. I have tried all kinds of options like switching the backlight off and on in settings, etc. It did come on again a couple of times, while I was going through the settings, but since then, the backlight has remained off.

I have tried rebooting the watch and also a Factory Reset. Both did not help.
Otherwise, the watch is working perfectly, but the backlight is really important to see the display indoors and at night.

Is there anything else I can do, as I feel it is not a hardware problem as the light did come back a couple of times, at least briefly. Maybe reinstall the firmware or something like that?

Even after a factory reset, the light does not come on.


not sure but i bought a used time round thats probably going to break soon so if the backlight stops working ill tell you


Despite seeing the backlight lighting up again shortly after this problem started, I have not seen it lighting up again.

Perhaps reinstalling the firmware would help. Does this happen after a factory reset, or do I need to do this some other way. I read somewhere, there is a way of resetting it that reverts to the previous firmware. How do you do that?

I am still hoping that the backlight issue is simply faulty firmware and reinstalling it will fix it again.

If not, I am stuck with a watch that I can hardly see indoors or at night. I am considering then either buying another Pebble to replace it, or something else (possibly TicWatch E, or does anyone have a better suggestion)?

I love my Pebble Time Round, but without backlight, it is just too difficult to see the display.


Now this is strange. After 5 months of the backlight not working at all, no matter what I tried. I picked up the PTR again today and by chance pressed the back button and was surprised to see the backlight switch on again! I have not had it repaired or done anything unusual. In fact the watch has hardly been used since I got myself a replacement watch (ASUS ZenWatch 3) for Christmas.

I only used it today because I wanted to test the battery life and step counting of both watches in comparison. So I fully charged both watches and put the ZenWatch on the left wrist and the PTR on the right. Both were linked to the same phone and receiving messages. It was interesting that when I cancel a notification on the Pebble, it gets canceled on the ZenWatch 3 at the same time.

As to battery life, that test is not over yet, but after 9 hours the ZenWatch 3 is currently at 47% (always-on mode) and the PTR is still at 70%. To be fair, the backlight on the PTR has only just started working again, so that is falsifying the number to the PTR’s advantage.

I have no idea why the backlight has suddenly started to work again. It has not been knocked, dropped or anything out of the usual, yet now it is working every time a press the button…

The step count does not match either, ZenWatch 3 = 2574 and PTR = 2350. I put on both watches at the same time. I wonder which is right?

I will repeat the test tomorrow.


The step count difference could be the difference in which arm you have the watches on. It’d be interesting to see the results of wearing both on same the arm (though probably uncomfortable lol).