Pebble Time Steel battery only lasts 1 day


Up until last week my Pebble time steel’s battery lasted about 5-6 days but for the last week the battery has drained very fast and now it only lasts about 1 day.

It started when I charged it last Sunday and the battery ran out on Wed. Then after that the battery drained every day. I charged it to full battery on Wed, Thurs, and Fri. It’s Sat for me now and the battery is down to 40% meaning it’s likely I’ll have to charge it again today. Any idea how I can find out what is causing the battery discharge? My time steel is only about 6 mo old and I really don’t want a watch that I have to charge every day. I don’t think I changed any habits, installed an update, installed anything on my phone in the last week so I’m stumped as to what it might be.



You can try turning off the watch and turning it back on. Maybe try Setting>System>Factory Reset.


Yah. I looked and found there was an update last night so I updated the watch which rebooted it. Still, since then (<8h ago) the battery has drained about 40%.

Anyway, I’ll try shutting it down and turning it back on and see if that helps.


If a Factory Reset doesn’t resolve it, RMA time.


Did you resolve the case? My PTS started doing the same about 1-2 weeks ago. Before I got about a week battery time but now the battery drains in one day.


Delete the bluetooth pairings on the phone and the Pebble, reboot both devices and pair again.


I’m experiencing the same issue with my Time. I’ve factory reset the Time and my phone and no change. I lose approximately 40% a day.


I did a full factory reset and deleted and re-paired the Pebble. No dice. Still have the same issue.

Like sirthunt says I loose about 40%-50% during the day. If I don’t charge at night I lose the rest of the battery. So it only lasts about 24h. I used to loose about 10% during the day and 10% at night even when using Sleep as Android app.

At this point I’ve stopped using the sleep app and turned off the backlight completely. I even tried to see what would happen in airplane mode and it still looses 30%-40% during the day. I have to charge it every night.


Just check on your smartphone the report for battery usage by app in order to check any relation to Pebble app, Pebble companion app…


I’m not sure that would help since that’s the phone’s battery rather than the pebble’s battery. I only see that bluetooth uses about 2% of my phone’s battery but I use it for headphones which would make up the majority of that.


Unpaired phone and Pebble. Then did a factory reset on Pebble. Today I’ve lost 60 % battery so far in 10 hours.

Not very satisfied at the moment.


Does anyone have any idea what to do or should I just RMA it?


Contact support using the Pebble app and they can help you.


Just sent an RMA to them. I’ll inform you what they suggest.


Pebble support told me to use tictoc watchface without any apps or companion apps.

I did everything they asked but the battery still drains.

I also factory resetted the watch, removed pebble app and removed bluetooth pairing from my phone. After that I did a new test with just tictoc watchface. The battery still drains.

Now I’m waiting for a reply from Pebble support.


Thank you for updating this thread. I’m curious to see what caused the battery to drain.


Now they asked me to put bluetooth sharing and pebble app to non-battery optimized mode in phone’s battery settings. Did that this morning but the battery drained just the same.

Waiting again for their answer.


So the battery drained even in Airplane mode so they sent me a replacement watch. I just sent my old one back for their analysis. So that’s the end of my rma case. I guess.


Yep. I tested a lot of things including airplane mode as well. They didn’t ask me many questions, just my address and serial from the watch and decided to send me a replacement pretty quickly. I suppose they perhaps could verify it was bad using usage data or something.


I got this issue on my watch last week. So now when Pebble is sold and the support is gone I cant do much more than just throw it away…