Pebble Time Steel battery only lasts 1 day


With me it started as about 1 month ago…Only 8h of battery life, even without bluetooth. Factory Reset, deleting bluetooth connection,… Still hoping for some support, but i think that’s just idle hope.


Same thing happened to me. About a day or 2 after their big announcement, battery life went from days to hours. I tried to do an RMA but the door had closed on me. SMH!!!


Let me know if you found any kind of help or resolve…


Just curious. Does every one who experience this issue is with Pebble Time Steel?


Maybe this?




Well now, sure. But still possible when I gave the suggestion back in May.


Well, it isn’t a hardware isssue, so i don’t see the need to get me a new battery somewhere…@obashy: nothing heard from support anymore and still facing same issue


No support anymore


Hi all. Bought my Pebble Time Steel beginning of August and up until a few weeks back would get 8-10 days from each charge. Suddenly this has plummeted to 4-5 days. Tried factory reset but no improvement. Would love to know if anyone finds a solution. In the meantime seeing if I can return it via Flubit for a refund.


Anyone know of a solution to this other than replacing the battery (I’m not that savvy)?


Given that its a faulty battery, what other solution would there be? you could try singing to it? maybe try a vulcan mind meld?

Other than that you’ll have to replace the battery. its not that difficult :slight_smile:


No one likes a smart ass. In a number of other threads, it was suggested to be a known software bug.

I now have a $300 paper weight, which lasted only 12 months. There’s no harm in asking if anyone has found a solution, other than replacing the battery.


Jokes aside, id still definetly try the vulcan mind meld


I’ve done another complete overnight charge, factory reset and re-installation of the Pebble app. This time I have further created another Pebble account that ONLY has the default watchfaces and have disabled Health. Interestingly the Battery+ monitor estimates a whopping 10 days and 23 hours on a full charge now!

Having had this set up for 3 hours now with minimal power loss (still 100%, rather than the 10% per hour previously), I have turned Pebble Health back on.

So whilst this is by no means a conclusive test, I am thinking this is a software issue resulting from a rogue installed watch face.

So I will observe how Pebble Health is working for the next few days and if the battery remains stable, I will add new watch faces one by one.

Edit: Pebble Health has dropped the estimate down to 8 days, 10 hours… Still good in my books. As long as it can last 5 days I’ll be happy.


Could you please tell, what firmware are you using? Reinstalling 4.3 with removal of all apps and watchfaces didn’t do trick for me…


Sorry, it was a false alarm… The battery app default thinks 100% = the full 10 days. The battery still only lasts 1-2 days max… After a recharge, the app re-calibrates the battery life estimate more accurately.


Hi folks!

I have the PTS since xmas. I was absolutely in love with it.
But suddenly, just 20 days after the first use, and after yesterday’s full charge, the battery starts draining dramatically. 50% -> 7h … :S

Hope this can be solved.


I’ve just realise my iPhone 5 is losing the bluetooth connection with the watch very often, don’t really know if it is phone or watch… could this be the reason of this battery issue??


I have P2SE and it was working fine until last sunday… battery life went from +7days to max 10h, have done all the factory resets etc. Seems that I need to try it again with creating a new account…