Pebble Time Steel battery only lasts 1 day


Since I wrote the other day “50% -> 7h” it suddenly has stopped draining and since that moment it lose 10% a day… wtf?! :S


It is very strange, I did another recharge and it has lasted 4 days and 12 hours so far!


Ian I saw a video on YouTube on how to get at the battery, not hard to take apart you heat up face of the
Top lens part of bezel the black seal that separates
The two parts. Heat up with a hair dryer and gently
Pry the two halfs apart. Be very careful to damage
The seal. Once they come apart ths wire connection
Just unsnappes like a computer connection. The
Battery is right there. Be sure you have a different
Battery on hand first…l


My pebble battery ran down in just 1 day, every day.
I rebooted my iphone, no help.
I checked my iphone battery use and 65% was for Pebble.
I checked my iphone bluetooth and Pebble was only connected one 1 out of 2…
I did a forget device on both iphone and Pebble then paired again, both bluetooth and bluetoothLE.
I open the Pebble ap on my iphone and leave it open.
Now I check my iphone power usage and Pebble uses 2.5%
Now my Pebble battery lasts 6+ days.


same problem here, the battery suddenly go after some weeks of inactivity from 7 days to 1 day of battery life.
factory reset, forget device and start again did the trick.
thank you


Hi all,

I ran into this issue as well; turns out I needed to keep the Android OS to put the Pebble App to sleep / terminate (OS version 7.0, go to Device Maintenance / Battery / Unmonitored apps (bottom), and add Pebble. Worked for me! Hope this helps someone.



This issue has just started on my PTS this week. I have followed some of the advice here but after completing a factory reset my battery has drained so much that it needs a recharge before I can check if it worked. Unfortunately I don’t have my cable with me so will have to wait until later. I will post an update when I have a better idea…I am ever hopeful!