Pebble Time with Xiaomi Mi Note or Mi5


Hi all,

And one here use the Pebble Time with a Mi Note? Or even the new Mi5 with Pebble Time?

If so, any issues or compatibility problems?

Unable to access watchface settings

currently I’m using mi5 with pebble time, the problem I’m having is:

  1. can’t load watchface or apps settings from pebble app (it just won’t load)
  2. if I do a memory clean, my pebble won’t receive any notification (I solved this problem by giving auto-start permission from the mi security app)
  3. occasionally (but very rare) pebble disconnected from the phone and won’t receive any notification, to solve this I have to restart the phone

to this date I only use the pebble time with mi5 for 2 days


Hmmm… As suspected… MIUI seems to be the cause :confused:


so 4 days later, i’ve been able to solve my problems and pebble time now running smoothly with mi5

  1. problem with watchapp and watchface settings wont load <=> I solved this problem by going to the security app and give permission to pebble app to allow pop up

  2. now pebble doesn’t disconnected randomly anymore, smooth sailing all the way, except I didn’t do anything, probably just luck I guess


Thanks for the info Dani. Well I’ve decided to go Iphone 6S plus instead… so… maybe for my dad… dunno yet :smiley:


Works great with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2. The only issue I had is having the Pebble app stops the Miband syncing. But Pebble works great!


nice solution, very helpful, thanks alot


I’m using mi4c and it works great with my pebble time round. No issues.


Hey guys
I recently bought Xiaomi mi5 and have the following problem:
When phone is charging it starts to send notifications about each percent of charging to the pebble. Is there are any ways to turn it off? Any settings on phone/pebble?


You must turn off Security notification from Notification menu.

I hope to be useable.


I just logged in here to say than you, thank you, thank you. I’ve been looking for this setting for months!! Now my pebble time is just perfect


Perfect. Great. Superior!